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Oprah Mania

Ok so unless you live under a giant rock with weeds and moss growing all over it, you know that Oprah has been in town. And we were going CRAZZZYYYY.

I’ve never really gotten the whole ‘Oprah Obsession’, and to be honest I’ve got way better things to do in the middle of the day (even if its watching True Blood) than watching her show. I can’t stand the winging attention seekers that go on the show to be ‘healed or helped’ aka they want their 5 mins of fame and mulla – both which can be achieved on O.

So clearly by the above comment I have watched it once or twice but in my defence it was always with my friend Sandy (yep I’m giving your embarrassing secret away) who watches it religiously right after Dr. Phil ….. I think that’s the one area in our lives where I come of as the cooler person.

The funny thing is that I would actually probably die if I met Oprah because she’s pretty much the most famous woman on earth, not to mention the most successful. When I found out my friend was going to the Sydney show and interviewing her I actually squealed in excitement in her behalf, but that could be a subconscious thought over the expected awesome goodie bags guests always seem to be bestowed with…assholes.

Reading comments on news articles this morning – I was shocked at the anger comments people had about Oprah, “good riddance” and “fake bitch” being 2 of the lesser abusive comments.

Now I may not like or watch her show and I certainly don’t watch her weight fluctuations and relationship spirals the way some do, but no one can deny that she is a generous woman who has brought a tremendous amount of publicity to Australia which will do wonders for our tourism industry.

So shut-it O haters.


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