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Camilla: Babylon Collection

I first saw the full collection of Camilla Babylon Kaftans on the models at Miss Country Girl Australia, I then died of jealousy every time I saw a girl wearing one in Sydney and then even bloody Oprah picked one up late last week!

It appears we are Camilla obsessed; and for good reason. I have never before seen such an amazingly designed fashion collection. Full of prints so colourful they would pop against a rainbow and prints and styles so whimsical and wonderful, the owners never want to take them off.

I literally would wear EVERYTHING in this collection,

But these are ‘just a few’ of my faves….





Ahhhh pure fashion decadence.


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2 thoughts on “Camilla: Babylon Collection

  1. Margaret Northam on said:

    HI Kel
    They are beautiful, you know we had beautiful things like this in the 70s including kaftans
    have agreat xmas, MM

    • kellyleemccarren on said:

      Lucky ducks, they were probably alot cheaper back then to, these are upwards from $600 😦 YOu have a beautiful xmas also Margie xxx

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