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When Girls Fight

In May this year I was in Newcastle for my friend’s birthday when something happened which you would think only ever happens in the movies. My friends got bashed.

By a group of girls no less.

Seriously this is no joke, my good looking girlfriends were walking along a MAIN road when an ugly, feral group of bogan girls decided to chase them and then proceeded to punch, kick and hit my tiny little defenceless friends.

Suffice to say, it was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S

But also incredibly tacky. Growing up in a small town there was an abundance of girls who would threaten each other in bitch fights, you know the type “you f***ing sl*t, I’ll rearrange your fugly assed face”!

I am ashamed to admit that I was one of them; me with my bottled red locks, armfuls of chat black bangles and skinny little white body, wandering about as a ‘tough girl’. Even though if push had ever come to shove (literally) I would probably have run for the hills or hidden behind my tomboy best friend.

Whenever I hear of girls fighting now or heaven forbid actually witness it I think the following;

• Which trailer park did you grow up in?
• Clearly you’re the spawn of your mother and her cousin.
• Are you seriously that cheap and gross?

Etc. Its just so tacky and trashy – ridiculous really.

Last month I was at Cargo bar, which is a nice bar – and a girl tried to ‘take me outside’ because apparently I pushed in front of her.

For the record – and what I can remember – I DID NOT, I simply thought I would use the men’s room as the women’s line was so long, thus as I was walking past this feisty squat girl, she thought it would be cool to threaten me…. come to think about it she was probably high of her head.

Needless to say – I walked back to my group in a fit of giggles.

So don’t fight girls – Please – for the love of everything in the female code and your own cheap-o-meter.

Despite what I just said……This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!


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