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2 Sleeps …

So the countdown has well and truly been on for about a week now and with only 2 sleeps till Christmas, the last minute panic has set in with all things x-mas related… unless your one of the select few freakishly organised weirdos.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

  • For the parentals…

    Get those countless old photos your mum has been ‘meaning’ to develop and go develop them. Artfully arrange them in a nice album and it will be both a gift in itself and the gift of saving time, which all mums appreciate.

    Another great idea is to find something around the house that either of your parents have been meaning to restore or fix. Sometimes it may even be something they forget they had – do it for them!

    I found this old cup-style silver trophy of my dead grandfathers that was COVERED in tarnish and rust. So I’ve been relentlessly restoring its previous shining silver glory. I also found a vintage embellished frame that was my grandmothers; I restored it, slicked a coat of rustic cream paint to tie it in better with my mum’s style and filled it with a pic of moi! Voila!

    Other great gift ideas are scented diffuses for your mum and a box set for your dad, like Underbelly, Band of Brothers or The Pacific.


    • For your sister…

    Scour through markets and op-shops for books that she wouldn’t be able to buy for herself at her closest Dymocks. Second hand books have an awesome sense of history to them – someone else has loved and passed on the story.

    Another great idea is a ‘beauty kit’ – a beautifully presented gift box filled with creams, lotions, makeup, shampoos, treatments, treats, tans and toners! This gift is also highly appreciated by mothers J

    • For you best friends…

    Jewellery – Easy, personable and HIGHLY appreciated!

    If you have cash you could also plan a ‘girls weekend away’ for just the two of you. Book a hotel somewhere close (think the central coast or nelsons bay – AMAZING) and have a weekend of champagne, giggles, massages and relaxing. Remember that friendships are just like our romantic relationships; they need time, special attention and thought.

    • For the ‘boys’ AKA boyfriends and brothers…

    Boys are dull to buy for L but try Dolce and Gabbana colognes, DVD’s, x-box games, Calvin Klein underwear or an Oroton laptop case.

    What to Wear

    Christmas day, like any day should be a representation of your style. However it shouldn’t be provocative (uhhh duhh family day) should be easy to move in (sitting on the floor unwrapping gifts, playing games etc), be roomy (the food) and relatively simple.

    I suggest – The Maxi.

    Simple, chic and elegant but oh-so-comfy. I’m wearing a sass and bide design which can be drawn up if I’m running about, has A LOT of room around the tummy area and is delightfully comfortable.

    For maxis you can pretty much find them anywhere these days so just head to your local department store, boutique or chain store and you’ll get your hands on one.

    What to Cook

    Oh dear, 2 sleeps and you seem to be having sandwiches come x-mas lunch? Visit to grab some easy recipes for mouth-watering dishes.

    Grab boxes of chocolates, brie, grain waves, rice crackers, cherries and dips for snacking and make some rocky road for desert. (I made mine in Christmas tree shapes – how cute am I J)!

    What to Drink

    Champagne, juice, cocktails and H2O!!!

    For an easy and delicious cocktail mixture that isn’t TOOOOO bad for you try;

    Yummy Punch – Mix 750ml of Voddy with 3 litres of LITE cranberry juice (isn’t as tangy), 4 litres of soda water and a shite load of limes. For added flavours drop a packet of frozen mixed berries for yummyness and iciness!

    Any other Christmas DILEMAS??


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