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So Many Wonderful Things…

Another Christmas has quickly flown by and we are left with an abundance of new goodies, an extra 2kg strapped to our midsections and a liver getting worse by the day. Yet most of us havd had a pretty good time! I have had a WONDERFUL Chritmas, filled with food, presents, pool games, family and friends. And I was VERY spoilt.

NOTE: This is a thankyou blog so I do apologize to those who couldnt care less 🙂 Tomorrow’s will make up for it I promise!

A Library – I seriously got sooooooo many books its ridiculous….but awesome! My aim is 1-2 per week. Thank you to my Mum and Sister!

I was desperate for good-quality beach towels and it appeared both my best friends were aware of this as I got thick, Country Road luxury towels from the both of them!

Elle  Macpherson and Pleasure State underwear – Nothing better than lacy bras and knickers with that hint of understated opulence.

Thank you Mum and Santa….cheeky bugger.

Soft cotton T’s from Mother Dearest..courtesy than non other than Charlie Brown.

A gorgeous array of Peter Alexander cutsie undies from my dear Aunty.

My Darlink Ashleyyy saw the diminish in my perfume collection so saw it fit to present me with this gorgeous collection of frangrances by Dolce and Gabbana.

My Mum got me some of my favourite hand made paper notepads. Perfect for writing personalised thank-you notes or holding memories.

My dear Sandboo picked up this AMAZING costume pice from Shieke. I love its vintage inspired look.

I love board games 🙂 Im a massive nerd when it comes to stuff like this!

I die for this – its an amazing 18 carrot ring with diamonds and a massive citrine gem. Thank-you Mummy 🙂

Jarrod gave me this grandfather gold watch. Perfect accessory to my day style and I just LOVE it!

Thank-you again Jarrod – Maybe I did choose it but I love this Alannah Hill clutch bag nevertheless.

Great pick Jaz – I love it when you surprise me with a touch of Chanel!

Another awesome choice by Jarrod (With the help of me)

This GORGEOUS silk camisole from my second family; The Seddons.

Thanks girls for my ticket – super fun day.

Awesome DVD’s of my little brother. Love these movies!

A few BEAUTIFUL jumpsuits from Mum – Perfect for the warmer months, very ‘resorty’.

As you can see I was very spoilt and I DO apologise if i missed anything 😦

What did you get for Christmas?


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3 thoughts on “So Many Wonderful Things…

  1. dearest sister my collection of sweetvalley, babysisters club and nancy drew books are not only enjoyable but also appreciated. The lovely movies also give me a few giggles we can all learn how to be a ‘pet detective’ i love you

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