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What to Wear to Work: Your Style Guide to January 2011

Well I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!!!

Its now that one time of the year that stores offer ridiculous discounts and sane people turn into sale savvy vultures – boxing day sale time.

Now although I love a good deal just as much as the next gal, I will not be found scooping out high end labels from bargain bins but lakeside shovelling crisps down my throat (ahhhh the class.)

However for those game enough (or desperate for a shopping fix) I’ve got 5 hot tips to better your bargain hunting…

  1. Wear flats – Its simple really, you’ll get around easier, so put down the much appreciated Peep Toe pumps from Mum and slide on your wittner black flats or havs.
  2. Use a Side Satchel – MUCH easier to load up your arms with goodies when you’re not worrying about a clunky old handbag. NOTE: Make sure your wear the bag part to the front of your body in case any little thieves get their cheeky on.
  3. Wear slim fitting all black outfit – That way you can try the majority of your things on OVER your clothes and you will get the general gist of the fit/look of the item and save craploads of time lining up for the change rooms.
  4. Hide Things – This is an EXTREMEMLY cheeky manoeuvre, one that I mastered years ago. Basically when sales like the Boxing Day ones are on, shops wont hold items as they know someone else will come buy it but we like to look elsewhere and make sure we don’t find something better. My tip is to HIDE IT! Take the dress to the toy section and hide it behind crappy old barbie dolls or in a boutique store hide your goods under a large pile of feral t-shirts no ones even dares to touch. I can guarantee you that the crazy shop assistants wont have time to neaten things up and put things away by the time you get back.
  5. Have a wad of cash on you – Most places will have a cash only line which is generally about 1/10th of the size of the eftpos lines.


So take advantage of the sales to set your work wardrobe up for the onset of 2011 with a collection of pieces for every work day…

MONDAY – You want relaxed chic. You’ve most probably gone hard over the weekend and Monday’s are all about intra-office meetings, phone conversations and LOADS of emails and general maintenance processes. I love the comfort that a jumpsuit brings; with the moss-green pumps and GORGEOUS kimono adding a stylish edge. As for the necklace? That’s just a touch of understated elegance.

Juicy Couture Jumpsuit, Topshop Kimono, Christian Louboutin Pumps and Cartier Titanium Leaf necklace on a 70cm delicate gold chain.

For cheaper alternatives for the above look; try stores like Valley Girl or Ally for jumpsuits under $40, vintage stores and markets for great kimonos, Wittner and Peep Toe for fabulous heels and Prouds or Zamels for the gold. (I actually have a leaf necklace that I got from Prouds agggesss ago VERY similar to the Cartier one and it cost like $80)

TUESDAY – Meetings with clients, affiliates and associates are generally held on Tuesdays so a smarter appearance is necessary. Think high waisted skirts in a basic colour and shape. Add a structured shirt with sensible shoes and chic jewellery. I love that the sequins, snakeskin and diamonds pictured below add a fashionable alternative to your typical corporate attire.

Topshop skirt and sequinned top, Wittner shoes, Tiffanies earrings and Harry Winston diamond rings.

We can dream right? Go for good quality cubic zirconas as alternatives.


WEDNESDAY – Inject a splash of colour into the monotony of the mid-week with a bold dress in a classic style as Wednesdays generally have a few meetings as well. Pair with stylish and elegant accessories that are both understated yet eye-catching. I LOVE the classic leopard print being used as a light scarf or as I would advise – a head scarf loosely tied around the edge of your hairline.

Zara red dress, Christian Louboutin black pumps, vintage leopard print scarf and a cocktail ring by Guess.

Try cheaper styles at the David Jones sales for pumps and great cocktail rings for under $15 from Lovisa.

THURSDAY – Utilise the opulence of corporate fashion and the warm weather with a soft floaty blouse and professional looking tailored shorts. Keep the accessories interesting in an elegant and expensive looking way by injecting minimalism.

Chloe shorts, Miss-Selfridge blouse, Oscar-de-la-renta cuff, Calvin Klein sandals.

For comfy sandals try Diana Ferrari; Diva for cheap costume jewellery and most chain stores sell tailored shorts.

FRIDAY – Ahhhhh good old casual Friday. The greatest day of the week! But just because they say ‘casual’ does not mean a sundress and thongs in my opinion. You should always present yourself professionally and properly so that you are always perceived as ‘put together’. Try a cute top with sleek skinny jeans and pair with some GORGEOUS earrings and sandalled heels. Perfect for office to out right? Hello sangria!

Acne jeans, Topshop shirt, vintage earrings and Steve Madden heels.

Check out the styles at Aldo, Novo, Miss Shop and Kenzo for cheaper alternatives to these SM babies.


Happy end of year shopping!!!


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