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New Years Resolutions: 2010 The Year That Was

The end of 2010 – good or bad? For me it’s a good thing as it’s been a bit of a dud year 😦 I hate saying that buuuuutttt its true.

I travelled…a bit. But my 3 week trot around south-east Asia and one week swim in Port Douglas had nothing on last years numerous weekend getaways to Nelsons Bay, week long stint in Byron Bay with a group of FABULOUS peeps and a week onboard a cruise with my bestie. (And don’t worry I totes just realised how spoilt I sound)

I worked…in a job I despised. Which taught me a lot but left me with a stunted creative outlet and a dampened spirit.

My relationship with my boyfriend stayed on track. However we are neither stronger nor weaker as a couple…. nothing has changed which is good in some ways but kinda boring.

I made no smart investments and have approximately $600 currently in the bank. Yep I am 22 with NO savings yet an abundance of worthless clothes and old vouges…not to mention the copious amounts of mullah blown on nights I literally have no recollection of. Rats.

Personal development? Zilch, if anything I have regressed in the maturity stakes. I still am kind of reclusive, enjoy my own company that LITTLE bit too much and am as sensitive as a small bunny yet have the inability to show emotion. NOT GOOD.

As for bod. WELL after hiring the best trainer in Sydney, it started to look banging. All firm and toned and slim. Then jelly found me once again and it is currently wobbling about on my ass YET again.


So in order for 2011 to not only surpass shity old 2010 but jizz all over it I’m going to have to set myself some strong resolutions.

Traditional New Years Resolutions do NOT work.

You know what I mean; here’s to Mrs ‘I’m going to lose 15 kilos’ or Mr ‘I’m going to quit smoking’, I’m looking at you and I don’t like what I see. You little scamps set a bad name for all resolutions – you who come December are sitting in your backyard even fatter madly puffing away.

I find that the easiest way to MAKE and KEEP attainable (by this I mean please don’t make it your resolution to look like Miranda Kerr) is to make a resolution and then a TIME FRAME in which you want that resolution to be met by.

Another tip is to word your resolutions in a more positive way so that if they are not met you aren’t as disappointed or disillusioned. As an example say you would like to fall pregnant in 2011 – instead of saying I WILL fall pregnant or else…. try I am going to attempt to fall pregnant this year. Easier on the ears.

MY resolutions for 2011 are as follows;

1. 3 separate trips – Desirably to America with Jarrod in July, a group of friends…pretty much anywhere with a bar and France by myself end of year. Unless SOMEONE wants to come with…any takers?

2. Giant steps in my career. Including actually making some money, as I currently seem to be working for free. Wtf?

3. A detox. At SOME point in the year.

4. Getting out of my comfort zones – basically setting up camp under a nice big tree somewhere rather than the small rock I’ve been residing under for the past 22 years.

5. Working on my ‘affection issues’…so can’t be f-ed going into this now – basically I need to work on my apparent awkwardness with physical anything.

6. I need to rid my ass of the pole that seems to be wedged up there. It remains firmly planted ALL THE TIME. Whether its my inherent hate of lending people things or the dishes not being done enough, I really need to shove the ‘anal Annie’ inside me off a cliff for good – she’s a pest.

7. I need to rid the world of the Jelly Ass – common wobbles, move along please, you are no longer welcome on my ass.

8. Eat more – I need to start filling my body with fuel rather than the occasional snack and energy drink. Note to self: 1 meal a day is sooooo not enough for a sparrow let alone a hefty female with a penchant for samples aka size 10’s! If I’m not careful come this time next year I’ll look like a feral ano all cancery.

9. Read one book at a time. I buy books and they sit in my library doing nothing but glaring at me each time I wander past. READ THEM.

10. Try more things…actually that kinda relates to No. 4…oh well.


What are your 2011 resolutions? Don’t be shy, even if it is ‘give up smoking’ share!

Happy New Year!


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