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Healthy Recipes: I make the Best Pizzas EVER

People request 1 of 2 things when they visit my humble abode; my Crunchy Asian Salad OR my delectable Home-Made Pizzas.

Which are in my (and the general publics) opinion way better than anything store bought and quite possibly even better than those made by the trusty Italians. 🙂

Made By Yours Truly

My 2 FAVOURITE pizzas as made by me are as follows;


  • Place a piece of Leb bread (preferably wholemeal for a healthier option) under the grill to crisp
  • Use a spatula to spread tomato paste over the surface
  • Add a touch of dried basil and a pinch of minced garlic for flavour – SPREAD (Otherwise you will receive a mouthful of plain garlic…not good for your taste buds OR the person waking up to you in the morning)
  • Mush the desired amount of avocado and spread evenly over the top of the sauce (personally I like 1/2 an avo but I don’t have meat)
  • Then add your toppings; diced red onion, tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms and chunks of pineapple are generally what I put on mine but meat-lovers can add ham, salami etc
  • Sprinkle your favourite cheese on top, I use regular tasty on mine but really use anything that melts
  • Put under the grill until the cheese is melted and browned slightly




  • Crisp, spread and sprinkle as the first 3 steps above outline
  • Add oven-baked (do this earlier in the day) pumpkin, sweet-potatoe, and capsicum pieces sprinkled with a touch of sea-salt
  • Mix in some sun-dried tomatoes and grilled onion barbecue-style
  • Sprinkle a few pine nuts over the top and meat-lovers will delight in some added chunks of barbecued chicken breast
  • Finally add some squares of feta and lightly sprinkle the whole ensemble with grilling cheese
  • Grill

Double YUM!


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6 thoughts on “Healthy Recipes: I make the Best Pizzas EVER

  1. Damn! why did I have to read this while im starving *licks computer screen

  2. Why did I have to read this while im starving! *licks screen

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