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Kelly Lee McCarren: Your Favourite Writer Is…

Listening… Kings of Leon and Band of Horses; Particularly ‘The General Specific’, LOVE it.

Reading… February Vogue and American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis.

Watching… Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 and Coco Avant Chanel which is one of the greatest fashion related films I’ve ever seen.

Wearing… Pink lipstick from Napoleon Perdis and Black Liquid Liner from Revlon.

Buying… ABSOLUTELY nothing, I literally can’t even buy food

Wanting… A job – freelancing is barely covering my rent let alone fuelling any fashion or food needs a gal has.

Eating… Nothing – Until I get to my grandmas 🙂

Trying… To get a job. To lose the xmas gunt (ok I lie – I’m not actually ‘trying’ but I’m willing it away). To get rid of the outbreak on my chin.

Loving… That ‘man-style’ blazers are set to be the ‘IT’ thing for the coming winter…I’ve been wearing them for years!

Planning… New sites. To go back on the pill to fix my skin 😦 . Cover letters.

Writing… Blogs and 5 articles for RESCU.

Inspired by… Tina Fey and Jackie Frank.




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2 thoughts on “Kelly Lee McCarren: Your Favourite Writer Is…

  1. Kai James Corby on said:

    Lol gunt? oh Kel! Training sessions may be needed! Bondi morning session one weekend soon maybe? Mr Blonde as well lol!

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