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Health Report: The Pill

Every girl has a history with the pill; some girls got boobs, some got weird periods, some were found to be the un-lucky 1% and knocked up, and then there were the few that got fat.

Whatever your background, religion, race or ethnicity – most of us have been on the pill at some stage of our lives.

Ever since its conception in the 60’s, the pill has cause truckloads of controversy. It’s brought up issues of feminism, a woman’s right to choose, sexual empowerment, abortion debates etc. It has also had massive amounts of publicity in the health industry; does it contribute to breast cancer, decline the risk of cervical cancer, improve menstruation symptoms, or cause depression…

These are just SOME of the topics covered, studied and argued relentlessly for the past 40 odd years yet it is still the most widely recognised prescription based medication in the world.

And as I said above – we ALL have a history.

My History

  • When I was 13 my babysitter (who used to tell me far to many inappropriate things for my age) had HUGE titties. MASSIVE, and she said they were from the pill. I used to stare at them in utter longing and jealousy before looking back at my ironing bored chest in contempt. (Not much has changed except I have definitely grown in width…)
  • At 14, only a year after I’d gotten my first period, my mother was advised to put me on the pill. It was for a number of reasons but mainly because I had horribly uncomfortable and irregular periods (the pill generally lightens the effects and regulates them) and I had vile outbreaks of acne ALL over my face and sprinkled on my back and chest which will make an impressionable teenager feel like the ugliest, most dirty girl in the world I can assure you.
  • My periods regulated and my skin cleared up. Could I BE any happier! After spending a year prior on every type of antibiotic and cream available my mother was also relived at the decrease in monthly ‘Kelly skin costs’.
  • When I was nearing 16 my mother thought I should go of it to give my body a rest. ‘I’m sure you’ve grown out of it’ she pro-claimed to me…although now that I think about it, a lot of the girls were having sex for the first time at 16, I wonder if she was trying to prevent that? Hmmmmm… Needless to say my period pain came back worse than ever causing me to spend every ‘week’ of the month with 2 heat packs planted on my kidneys and uterus. Oh and the skin flared up; when your 16 and going to your formal (which is the most important thing in your life at that point in time), its not pleasant. So I went back on the pill and had extensive rounds of treatment on my acne and bacne (uggg heads dropping in embarrassment and I’m now 22!). LUCKILY – for my self-esteem – it was barely noticeable on the night.
  • Year 11 and 12 were 2 years spent having a string of doctor and gynaecologist consultations to see why my periods were so warped and painful. I have very invasive procedures, ultra-sounds, constant med changes etc In year 11 I didn’t get a period for 6 months and in year 12 I had my periods for 6 months…with constant cramps that bad I had a few near car crashes.
  • And trust me, bleeding for 6 months straight whilst your ATTEMPTING to do your HSC is not fun, nor is the countless doctors poking and prodding at your virginal goods.
  • You no what the ending verdict was? Stress and the wrong pill. No I am not kidding, the amount of stress I had put myself under from school had caused a shift in my hormones resulting in massive amounts of oestrogen flowing around. This also explains the excessive crying bouts over Hamlet essays.
  • Now on Yasmin, which was wonderful for YEARS (but just ‘slightly’ expensive), I studied hard and had little to no problems with my skin for 3 years.
  • Until 2010 – the year of the zit.
  • It all started with a dodgy facial in Cambodia, my skin was that horrific when I came back my father actually asked me what was wrong. The pill stopped working and I was told by a trainer to get off it right away. In her opinion the pill is like Satan. So I did – not much happened, obviously at different stages during the month and my eating habits reflected on my skin but generally it stayed pretty shabby. So I went back on it. To no avail. Then back off when my trainer booted me over the head.
  • Currently? I have cystic (or ‘blind’) acne across my jaw line, primarily on my chin. Yep a hormonal imbalance – thus the hormonal acne.

The moral of this article is that I’m now going to the doctors to discuss a new pill. I’m desperate for good skin, so I’m totally willing to go back on drugs 🙂

After all I’m a financially challenged 22 year old with a fat ass. I NEED some good skin.

What is your ‘Pill History’?


Kelly Lee should state that after many pill trials, breasts never did find her…

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