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The Lust List

5 things I’m pining for right now…

1. Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co ‘Diamonds by the Yard’ pendant with a yellow diamond in 18k gold. Uggg it actually makes me sick how much I want love this delightfully crafted piece by that wizard of a jewellery designer Ms Peretti. The opulence and rarity in a yellow diamond makes me drool and the simple chic setting makes it worthy of the $9000 price tag.

The Object of my Desire

2. A night out. I  cannot WAIT till I have enough money to go out in the city. I haven’t graced it with my presence since early December and that wasn’t a night out per say as a few cheeky Sunday afternoon jugs of sangria. I want to drink. I want to dance. NOW.

Mischievous Elves in the City 2010

3. It to stop BLOODY RAINING in QLD. Seriously weather….stop.

Sly Snake

4. OPI San – Tan – Tonio. I LOVE. This colour is all I’ve been looking for this season. A hint of honey toffee, a light shade of fawn and a splash of must-have nude. BA-nanas.

It Colour of the Season

5.  A cut and colour. My hair is about as appealing as out-of-date milk at the moment; all multi-coloured from the sun, dry, damaged and boasting large amounts of split ends.

Damn Her

Whats on your lust list this week?

Have a good weekend!


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