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Napoleon Perdis: Get Ready for the Mascarathon

Go The Distance With A Wardrobe of Napoleon Perdis Mascara Options

No one is a bigger advocate of the power of mascara than Napoleon.

“Mascara is the single most important makeup tool for undeniable glamour,” says Napoleon. “Pick and choose which one you’ll wear today, tonight and tomorrow.”

I love mascara, however many don’t suit my long but fine and blonde lashes; most thickening mascaras clump on my baby haired lashes like curdling old milk and many basic mascara wont catch on the finesse of them, however much I wiggle and wield the magic brushes.

I currently have approximately 43 mascaras and I actually do use them all, as 1 mascara is never enough! (The exception may be the moss green coloured lash lengthener I received as a freebie…but hey I might use it one day!) Napoleon Perdis believes that women require a wardrobe of different lash enhancing options. The makeup maestro encourages us glamazons to go beyond a single tube of mascara, and embrace the opportunity to achieve different effects with varying wand shapes and longwearing formulas. Whether you seek volumising, conditioning, defining, priming or lengthening, each of Napoleon Perdis wondrous wands offer lash-loving results.

Mesmer-Eyes Mascara

The two-sided comb is unlike most standard wands; the wide side boosts volume and coats lashes with intense colour, while the fine side separates and reaches even the finest of hairs. The paraben-free formula conditions lashes with vitamin E and D, while carnauba wax and rice bran wax protects lashes and provides a glossy finish.


Using the wide comb, coat lashes from underneath for dramatic effects. Repeat with the fine comb to separate lashes, zig-zagging the wand in the direction of the natural growth. RRP- $35.00

Long Black Mascara

For lashes with extra oomph and a lot more drama, try Long Black Mascara. The long-wearing formula glides on smoothly thanks to candelilla wax, beeswax and allantoin. A double shot of black pigment sets the stage for intense dramatic eyes while the bent wand applicator acts as a built-in lash curler and gives contour and control over unruly lashes.


Don’t pump it dry if you want to lengthen your supply! RRP- $33.00

Madame Crystal

Coated with an invisible formula, this skinny number defines lashes without a trace. The mascara works its magic thanks to a clever clear formula which separates hydrates and defines lashes, opening up the eye area like only a good mascara can and all without a tell-tale trace of colour.


Madame Crystal will also help to hold unruly brows in check. First apply Brow Pencil or a soft shadow, then a coat of Madame Crystal over the top. RRP- $33.00

Madame Fantasia

Long, soft bristles deposit mascara on to each individual lash for va-va-voom volume. A gentle wave of the wand adds instant volume and builds the lash from base to tip like never before thanks to lash-thickening polymer films and conditioning vegetable oils.


Curl your lashes prior to application to maximize the effect of the mascara. RRP- $33.00

Madame Beyond

Send your lashes to new heights with this hour-glass shaped wand that extends even the wimpiest of hairs to billowing proportions. Its rich formula is loaded with polymer fibers to lengthen and stretch the lashes. The payoff is the long, lush lashes you’ve always craved.


Volume + Length = a close-up-worthy combination. Before using Madame Beyond, apply Madame Fantasia to add mega-volume. RRP- $33.00

Madame Curl Curl

The subtly angled wand coaxes even the most stubborn lashes into a seductive curl.  The elastic technology provides lashes with the spring for maximum curl and lift, while sugar polymers set each lash curl in place.


For maximum lash impact, first apply Madame Prep priming mascara to create a base of volume. RRP- $33.00

Madame Prep

Like a personal trainer, the nylon fibers on this brawny mascara wand build muscular lashes to further define and contour the eyes. Thanks to a blend of natural waxes, this lash prepping wonder builds body without clumping and instantly enhances your flutter factor.


Curl your lashes and apply two coats of Madame Prep. Finish off with a coat of your favorite Peep Show mascara. RRP- $35.00

Napoleon Perdis prestige products are available at Napoleon Perdis Concept Stores, David Jones and over 650 pharmacies and salons throughout Australia. Stockist Enquiries – 1800 814 572 or visit

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