Love That Red

Everything You Need to Know

Kelly Lee McCarren: Your Favourite Writer Is…

Listening… The Mouldy Peaches and Bloc Party

Reading… Leathers and Laces and Jackie Collins ‘Married Lovers’

Watching… The Golden Globes

Wearing… Loose, light clothing to ward off the onset of sweaty pits.

Buying… Nothing 😦 AGAIN

Wanting… These sparkly shoes…I spotted them at Wanted  for only $100 – However I don’t have that ATM booooooo.

Eating… Home-made pizzas 🙂

Trying…To build up the courage to have a blood-test.

Loving… Deep red nails.

Planning… Sleepover on Friday, beach on Sat with the bf and drinks at Cargo on Sunday with the girls.

Writing… About my cleanse, beauty trends at the Golden Globes and interviewing eharmonys founder Dr Gian Gonzaga.

Inspired by… The Satoralist and Steve Jobs


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