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The Energy Drink

Hi my name is Kelly and I am an energy drink addict.

Ahhhhhhh there, I’ve been hiding it for years and now I have finally admitted it to the world.


When I first tried an energy drink, it was a V and it was because I was working 3 jobs, I was at uni and I was EXHASTED. I was about 18.  I’ve never liked coffee or tea, No Doz make me feel nauseous and copious amounts of sleep do nothing.

Yes yes I know I need a blood test to determine why this is. WELL AWARE!

So I found and relished in the delights of ‘The Energy Drink’.

The thing is though is that its not just the caffeine, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the taste of them yummy yum yum. In fact I don’t know if what I have is an actual addiction because I don’t have them EVERY day and when I don’t I certainly don’t get headaches or have bouts of ridiculous amounts of yawns (ever had that in a meeting? Ridiculously embarrassing “no I do find the skins sebum levels interesting but…..*yawn*”)

4 years later I am an energy drink fiend – I can tell the exact difference in flavours, brands, sugar-free etc and I go through stages all the time in which I have a particular ‘fave’ – right now its Sugar-Free Red Bull *mmmm sip slurp gulp* 🙂

But in today’s ‘clean living’ society my energy drink consumption is not only looked down on, pitied and thought of as ‘tremendously’ unhealthy but is also actually a cause of argument between my boyfriend, friends etc They are constantly having ‘words’ with me about it and rolling their eyes at me. Well my reaction to you assholes is that I think the dead, rotting, flesh of a carcass you ate last night isn’t exactly filling your body with goodness either. Why don’t I just chew of a bit of my arm, leave it on the cupboard for a while, put it in the fridge for you and then cook it in some delightful sauce next week. Oh YUM! In my mind eating meat is on par with that. So heaven forbid I have a few measly energy drinks per week which have the same amount of caffeine as your latte, NO sugar, chemicals yes but regulated chemicals…. what about the chemicals your sniffing up your nose every Saturday night HMMMMMM? (Ok I am NOT talking to my friends and bf now…. clearly my rant now extends to white-collar society in general.)

Yes energy drinks aren’t the best for you but neither is anything these days bar a few nuts and veggies (however even these ‘unless organic *cough overpriced marketing techniques*’ are sprayed with pesticides) I am a true believer in everything in moderation. So you know what?

A few energy drinks per week – IS MODERATION.

Suck on that you carnivorous, energy drink haters.




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