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House Of Harlow

“I’ve always felt that great accessories are essential in every complete outfit and I wanted to create a collection that was easy to mix and match; to either wear alone as an everyday piece, or stack on to make more of a statement. I love accessories. You can wear the same jeans and T-shirt every day and make it look completely different just by accessorizing.”


Nicole Richie



A lot of the time when a celebrity puts their name behind a product range its usually pretty generic and rubbish, (hello Paris Hilton and your chat range of ‘perfumes’) so when the hype was initially building about Nicole Richies` jewelry line ‘House Of Harlow’, I was skeptic. I was wrong.

Nicole Richie’s collection follows inspiration from her sought-after style. (Which resembles Rachel Zoe’s – her former stylist – uncanilly…but that’s a different story.)

The collection is an eclectic mix of layering unexpected combinations of materials and themes (think feathers and faux diamonds), contrasting feminine mixed with edgy and bold (think delicate yellow gold and black leather), and modern influences mixed with native (think futuristic designs with tribal infusions).

Using leather, delicate silk strings, pop-coloured jewels, an array of stones, rivets, gold plated metals and a striking palette of colours to decorate the range of pieces; the collection explores every theme true to the bohemian look. AND I LOVE.

House of Harlow - Tribal Locket Necklace $188

House of Harlow - Tribal Drop Earrings $100

House of Harlow - Retro Oversized Sunglasses $125

House of Harlow - Medallion Locket Necklace $75

House of Harlow - Horseshoe Necklace $65

House of Harlow - Enamelled Tribal Cuff $220

House of Harlow - Art Deco Thick Stack Bangle Bracelet In Rose Gold $55



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