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Caitlin Huskins: The Next Big Thing

Caitlin Huskins or ‘Cait’ as she prefers is a writing force to be reckoned with. After completing her Bachelor of Communications in 2009, Cait went on to study copywriting at Billy Blue College of Design in North Sydney where she met and wooed some of the key industry experts in today’s media.

Caitlin Huskins has quickly become one of Sydney’s favourite bloggers with her witty, articulate voice represented through her writing and use of observational humour.

This is one of Cait’s most recent articles explaining just why we are all feeling flat after the silly season…

Post Enjoyment Stress Disorder

I hate this time of year.

It’s all about ‘new beginnings’ and ‘resolutions’ and ‘reinventing yourself’ and all that crap. Tensions are peaking amongst social groups because they’re nursing a fortnight-long hangover from the Christmas break, and therefore no one is actually capable of sticking to any half-hearted resolutions.

(Speaking of which, I’ve broken four out of my five new years resolutions. 1. Quit Smoking 2. Stop Eating junk food and get healthy 3. Avoid overconsumption of alcohol or anything else consumable to the point of throwing up. 4. Learn how to be a good friend and reply to messages and call people when I say I will. This has made me realise I suck. Luckily, the Fifth Resolution was to write a blog. I win.)

After the silly season, I always end up with this horrible, deflated feeling. I end up playing Bing Crosby’s White Christmas halfway through January. I would liken it to the feeling of having gone away on holidays, you come back with this depressive realisation that you have no money and you have to go back to work and rules and debts and run errands and feed the dogs and scrub the toilet and all that mundane bullshit. And the worst part is that no matter how sad you feel for the loss of your beloved holiday, the parting of you and your good times, no one feels sorry for you or gives you any sympathy. I remember one Christmas holiday coming to an end, and I, tears streaming down my face, was forced into the family station wagon screaming “I DON’T WANT TO GOOO, I HATE HOME, HOME SUCKS, IM STAYING HERE.” I was so visibly distressed about going home that onlookers may have questioned whether or not I was actually being abducted.

As an adult, you’re not allowed to cry when holidays finish. People expect you to be all relaxed and serine and at peace with the world.

And this is how you should feel after the silly season. I mean, look at what it’s brought you. You may have recoiled in horror at the blender Aunty Bessie so neatly wrapped up for you, but in reality, it’s practical, and your life is better off and milkshakes are easier now that you own it. Perhaps that set of lavender scented bath bombs was not all that glamorous or exciting on Christmas day, but Nanna was so excited to give it to you and your intoned “oooooohhhh” drawn out until you could find a suitable “how handy!” putting a big smile on her face, and when Nanna is happy, you’re happy. And you smell like lavender.

The holidays also brought you three weeks supply of turkey and shortbread. And few extra rolls of flab on your belly at that. But when the Christmas ham in the fridge has run out and you have to find a replacement cold meat for your sandwich, all glee begins to evaporate. There’s no purpose for the Christmas tree anymore because all the presents have been opened and the pretty paper and ribbons are now sitting lifeless and crumpled in your wheelie bin. And the house is void of all Christmas lights and decorations and therefore not a hint of any holiday cheer.

I wrote this to the resonance of Bing Crosby’s soothing voice. He has been helpful in mourning the loss of Christmas. Unfortunately Bing doesn’t double as a personal trainer so now off my ass it is to conquer resolution #2.

To read more of Caitlin’s work, check out her blog Leathers and Laces.




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