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Urban Remedy: The Juice Cleanse

Your Body Is a Temple – Keep It Clean

Most of us had ‘lose weight’ or ‘detox’ or ‘start a health kick’ on our resolution lists at the beginning of this month, I certainly did.

Raise you hand if your resolutions haven’t even been mentally processed let alone actually started…*Meekly raising my own hand*

Yep It’s summer and the cold cuts and bottles of champagne are still being thrown about in abundance and we only need to look at tomorrow and already our tummies and livers are groaning in anticipation and tapping their little feet in severe annoyance at us.

So why not try to kick-start whatever health resolution you made AFTER tomorrow.

Sometimes the best way to kick-start your goal is to begin the change with a detox.

Now personally, PERSONALLY (and I am NO expert), I’ve never really believed in extreme detox diets, as I don’t have a crazy unhealthy lifestyle thus I believe that my body detoxes itself naturally (which is what the liver and kidneys are designed for).

My idea of a detox is an increase in water consumption, fruits and veggies and a decrease in caffeine, sugar and alcohol. It’s about making an effort to fill your body with more nutrients. And as we all know I am a firm believer in a diet of ‘everything in moderation’ and it works for me. I haven’t been sick for about 8 months (bar the occasional headache) and my weight hasn’t fluctuated dramatically.

However some people DO need that ‘kick start’ to their new health regime which is why a certified detox program works so well for them. (Certified because otherwise your probably not getting the basic daily nutrients your body needs to stay in survival mode.)

Urban Remedy Cleanse

Urban Remedy is a healthy juice-cleansing program designed to detox and renew your body and is tailored to suit your lifestyle and diet. It involves replacing all solid foods for 1, 3 or 5 days with a daily series of six super nutritious juices that are delivered directly to you. The cleanse program comes in three different levels, meaning you can choose the cleanse that’s most suited to your goals, lifestyle and diet.

The Juices

Cleansing can reduce the level of toxins in your body and can assist you to kick-start a new healthy lifestyle, maintain your equilibrium, lose weight, get more energy and generally feel and look a lot better.

Toxins and the body burden

Toxins are everywhere! Common sources of toxins include food additives, pesticides, household cleaners, pollution, cigarette smoke, and heavy metals like lead and mercury that enter your body when you ingest or inhale them. Many of these toxins can become deposits in our fat cells (the last place we want them!). If our diet lacks certain nutrients, our natural detoxification processes might be impaired.

Lack of nutrients + toxins = a less healthy you

While everyone can benefit from regular cleansing, you would particularly benefit if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Low energy and tiredness
  • Excess weight
  • Digestive problems including bloating, wind, constipation, diarrhea
  • Difficulty falling asleep or broken sleep
  • Poor concentration
  • Impaired creativity or analytical thinking
  • Cellulite
  • Frequent colds
  • Skin problems
  • Headaches

Cleansing can help to reduce toxins naturally and fill the body with nutrients

An Urban Remedy Cleanse is a healthy, nutritious way to cleanse and renew your body.

So I decided to try do it!

Before I tried the Detox.

For the few days leading up to the cleanse I wasn’t feeling very apprehensive, I am not that interested in food and would prefer to drink liquids most of the time anyway… in fact the majority of my daily calories DO come from liquids! Still, Monday night had me slicing into some delicious chocolate Bavarian, feeling slightly uncomfortable about the fact that I was to eat literally nothing for the next 3 days…wahhhhh….

My inward monologue…

“If I can get through this I will be super proud as generally speaking I have the willpower of a 3-year old”

After I ‘Tried’ the Detox.

Tried being the operative word.

I couldn’t actually do it! After 12 hours of sucking on nothing but potent juices I had a migraine that would put the pain of a broken leg to shame and shakes someone with Parkinson’s couldn’t rival.

I have a relatively clean diet, I don’t have sugar or caffeine addictions, I don’t eat much processed foods or any meat. My diet is predominately made up of fresh fruit and veggies, Lebanese breads, vegetable proteins, pastas, and a few naughty snackeroos. So it wasn’t from that.

I would say that it affected me more so than others because of my anaemia and low blood pressure so I really can’t advise you on whether or not it was effective.

Also I hate to say it (sorry Urban Remedy 😦 ) but the juices weren’t great. Some of them tasted ‘ok’ but a few of them had me blocking my nose and wishing I was anywhere else but there. (I DO have extremely fussy taste-buds so I’m sure that some people loved them.)

The juices DO have an insane amount of goodness in them so I have frozen them and I am using one per day to supplement my diet.

I think that for someone desperate to lose a few quick kilos before an event this cleanse would be perfect as I had a tummy flatter than an ironing board after only 12 hours. (However as with any extreme diet you will probably put the weight back on.)

Have you tried a cleanse or detox?

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