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Australia Day 2011

Australia Day; a day where it is not only accepted but encouraged to crack a drink open at breakfast time, a day where we enjoy culinary delights like a sausage sandwich and vegemite, and a day in which we all unite over the beauty of our country – Australia.

There are 10 things that I love about my country…

1. If you drive 5 minutes in any direction away from the Sydney CBD you find green, leafy, un-city like areas. (However unless you are driving at 4am the traffic will prevent you from testing this observation.)

2. The AMAZING beaches and perfect surf…. not that I surf, but its nice to look at.

3. The endless landscape of the beautiful countryside in which bushes, lakes, rivers, valleys, lush greenery and vast mountainous areas are commonly found. The fact that there are sharks, crocodiles, ticks, leeches, deadly stingers, venomous snakes and poisonous spiders everywhere should be ignored.

4. The delight that vegemite brings to your tastebuds, I actually enjoy spoon-feeding it into my eagerly anticipating mouth.

5. You are not looked down upon as an alcoholic if you are drinking before noon. However if a wife beater accompanies your stubby cooler you may be.

6. The game ‘Goon Of Fortune’ is widely enjoyed by many.

7. Spending the day with a continuous ‘Alf Stewart’ slide show is worthy of hours and hours of laughter.

8. As is making an Alf Stewart makeshift ‘Rape Dungeon’.

9. Thongs are classified as shoes at most establishments Only for girls but hey who said Australia wasn’t slightly sexist… actually not Australia just the Australian watering holes.

10. The majority of Australians are friendly and welcoming, which is why we all have so many friends! This is something certain UK and European countries CANNOT boast…that’s what I’ve heard anyway.

Whether you were Big Day Outing it, beaching it or simply sitting at home amongst the company of loved ones – I do hope you all had a fantastic Australia Day. (For those of you who had to work…. THAT SUCKS…. sorry but it does 😦 . Hey at least you won’t be suffering form a hangover ATM!!! )



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