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Kelly Lee McCarren Is…

Listening… To the sound of the rain. It’s just blissful. Especially after last week when the only water drops I could hear were the sweat kind coming off my every orifice.

Reading… Vogue. The colours in the months fashion feature ‘Viva la revolucion!’ shot in Mexico are a fiesta of bright, bold hues set to inspire even the most intense black lovers. Well done Meg you clever filly. 

Watching…Well, haven’t I been a naughty one this week. 3 FILMS!!!! Ahhhh lazy tsk tsk. I went to see Black Swan, which was amazing. A trippy, acid-high esque movie that was as invasive and intricate as it was intelligent and interesting. Natalie Portmans portrayal of Nina the central character was so profoundly spot on that she better win Best Actress at this years Oscars. Also she appeared to have whittled her way down to a 6 year old girl and that dedication alone deserves a medal. Also she had to do some ridiculous looking wonderful dance sequences. I then hired Easy A and EAT.PRAY.LOVE. Easy A was hilarious, so many people didn’t like it that much but I absolutely love that slightly strange, witty sense of humour with quick-witted sarcastic undertones. Emma Stone? Is a rock star. Seriously an AMAZING actress and oh-so funny. Oh and I love her red hair…even though its blonde now. EAT.PRAY.LOVE still has me smiling 12 hours after I finished it. I love love LOVED every second of the central characters inner and outer journey. Uggg It was just so fantastically inspiriting and inspiring!

Wearing… My man-style cardigan from a Thailand version of DJ’s. (No idea what its called…) HURRAH for chilly cardigan weather!

Buying… A present for my bf’s birthday. Any ideas on what to get someone with very fussy, expensive tastes on an EXTREMELY limited budget?

Wanting… Well I would LOVE Private Practice season 3 !!

Eating… My brothers cooking me Taco’s for dinner. Yum.

Trying…Hypoxi on Friday! See if I can get rid of the jelly.

Loving… My new hair shade. It’s very dark blonde with blonde balayage ends.

Planning… Saturday at Jamberoo. LOL.

Writing… Higgilty Piggilty.

Inspired by…My Aunty. She really has ‘had it all’. And people say you can’t PFT! She is a successful career woman, a fantastic mother and a perfect aunty. And she’s also one of my favourite people. OH AND she got that shit of a c-word cancer – told it to f-off and kicked its butt. Pretty darn amazing huh.


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