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Strange Lavatory Behaviour


A family member (he promised to FB some particularly unflattering picks of yours truly if I labelled his name) is squatting at my residence ATM and last night I was on the floor in a fit of giggles as he had a ‘sit’ on the loo with his book.

Now I grew up in a household where reading whilst erm ‘doing ones business’ was totally the norm. In fact when my siblings and I were younger we would actually read outside the door to each other as we were ‘completing the task at hand’.

My parents are actually those embarrassing culprits whom have an actual magazine rack in the bathroom fully equipped with novels, puzzle books and the latest House and Garden magazine.

Before I moved away from home I was a massive ‘sit and read’ culprit myself, I was known to while away hours on the loo, devouring Harry Potter until my father would shout from the kitchen that I had ‘fallen in’ or ask if I ‘needed a rope’. He’s too funny my father.

Obviously once I moved on campus at uni, that particular toilet habit was unacceptable and ended. In fact business was done as quickly and sparsely as possible due to the living arrangements involving my new boyfriend.

Still, while holiday back at home I would relish in the freedom of reading whilst looing, yet come uni time I was once again fortressed to the perils of quick lavatory behaviour.

Now, I’ve been living off campus for over 2 years and in my own apartment, yet the only thing I do on the toilet now is play on my phone and occasionally make/answer calls depending on who the person is. (Sorry Sandboo and Floppsy :)) Over 4 years my habit has disappeared completely. Shame really, I quite enjoyed it.

The moral of my story is that I forgot people poo and read simultaneously. And it gave me a good old-fashioned chuckle.

It’s Cute When Your 3…

Do you read on the toilet? Or do you want to out someone who does?


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