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Cheap Conditioners: The Good and the Bad

Now I don’t really like saying bad things about prodz…when I don’t like something I simply fail to ever mention it. People on the other hand? Oh well I’m as happy as Larry to say incredibly bad things. I joke. I joke.

Nevertheless with my recent hair colour change has come about an invested interest in hair care. (One that I as a beauty writer fail to produce most of the time as I am eternally hair-care lazy – thus the permanent regrowthed, oily, split endy top knot that lives on top of my head…… yoooouuuwhooooo hello up there?)

As part of my Sunday night beauty ritual I, like any other girl, am partial to a good treatment yet fail to care for my locks DURING the week.

And with this I bring to you – 2 Hair Prodz I wouldn’t Wash My Dog With Let Alone Myself…

1. Culprit No.1 is none other than Mr (it’s a him because its horrid and smelly) Natures Organic ‘Fruits’ conditioner. Fruits my ass. I would get more nourishment if I actually squeezed an orange through my locks.

2. The second contender is an Australian fave…here’s looking at you Dr. Pears and your vile excuse of a conditioner. You suck. I bought you because you were only $1.89. And I could have bought a bag of sour straps instead. Grrrrrr.

Never fear dear readers, YOU CAN get a good conditioner for under $10, whilst they may not be as good as the delicious treats by Keratise, ghd or David Babaii, your hair will still be as happy as a hippo.

3 Conditioning Cheaplings

CLASSIC Herbal Essences – Um hello smell. I die for this oldie but amazing goodie. It’s nourishing and makes your hair feel good. I totally do the most embarrassing thing…. I use it so my bf hugs me and says my hair smells pretty. There’s something delightful about having a pretty smelling head…

Pantene – I can hear all the hairdresser groaning as I’m typing this but I don’t care. So it uses silicone to create a barrier over the strands of hair ‘faking’ nourished locks (that’s what I’ve been told) BIG F-ING WHOOP. It DOES make your hair feel *singing in opera tone* ammmmazzzziinnnngggg. And afterwards it’s just lovely to swish your hair about like the girls in the in-famous Pantene ads.

Palmolive – Ridiculously cheap, yet ridiculously nicely scented and ridiculously moisturising 🙂 I love most Palmolive prodz and the conditioner is just the icing on a cake full of wonder. Hello heavenly scented, glossy locks.

Yeah I’m not obsessed with hair ‘smells’ at all am I

Shampoo is a completely different story. I dislike plenty of the ‘luxury’, hairdresser ones because they have that many bloody oils and antioxidants in them my hair looks greasier than BEFORE the damn wash. HELLO! Its soap for your hair, its meant to clean yet not leave that ‘squeaky’ feeling as that just means the shampoo is filled with cheap soapy chemicals designed to strip your hair from the colour, natural moisture and general will to live on your head. But I’ll bang on about this some other time.



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2 thoughts on “Cheap Conditioners: The Good and the Bad

  1. Pantene has always been my favorite and will always be so.

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