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Kelly Lee McCarren: The Latest…

Listening… To my inner ramblings. Sometimes they get the best of me. Like last night when I apparently started attacking the thin air with my flailing arms yelling “Who dat? Who der” ??? Towards my invisible assailant.

Reading… Online mags and blogs. I’m just ‘kinda’ obsessed.  And it seems everyone else is to. I read yesterday that ‘The Sartorialist‘ gets 250,000 hits PER DAY! Us technological gidgits are slowly taking over the world mwuhuhuhhhhaaaaarrr. 

Watching…Private Practice S3. Yes yes, I am a box-set indulging loser. But technically Addison and I are friends…I mean I know so much about her and her fun-filled life!

Wearing… Nude ‘barely there’ makeup and SUPER BRIGHT lips!!! Why? Because I have a confession. Remember awhile back I was contemplating going back on the pill? (Health Report: The Pill) Well although highly advised by 2 lovely ladies (so sorry NC and MLB – I hate to let you down 😦 ) against it. I went on it. AHHH I’m sorry! However the wretched thing has worked! A month in and I’m sporting clearer skin than a porcelain doll and I’m just ever-so-slightly chuffed with it. Thus this makeup trend I’m molesting every day.

Buying… A kitten. HA. I wish! However it’s my anniversary next week and I am DESPERATELY hoping my bf comes through with the goods. I have been hinting for one for about the length of our relationship now.

Wanting… More of my grandmas lasagna. She gave me a whole dish of it on Sunday and it was gone by 10pm Monday night. Stupid greedy tummy.

Eating… A red bull. Ok that’s not food. But I had a healthy breakfast this morning that everyone swears by. Bircher muesli. YUCK, oh it was vile. I have NO IDEA why people eat that stuff.

Trying…To control my temper. To resist the grain waves residing in my cupboard…..That is SO not going to happen. 😦

Loving… My boyfriend. He is such a gem and I think about him all the time with a small grin on my face. Which leads to a massive lack of concentration. Which then leads him to yell at me as I yet again forget to shave my armpits.

Planning… A FULL weekend with plenty of my girls! Weehoo! No smelly boys aloud.

Writing… About ‘30 Something-Year-Old Bullies‘ (Basically those ass-holes in your life who have crappy lives and receding hairlines and they bully us babies to give themselves a power trip – Thumbs up guys, doing well.) If you have had an experience let me know!

Inspired by…Sarah Patricia. I was sitting next to this beautiful pregnant girl this morning who was did I mention ridiculously beautiful 🙂 BTW How easy is it to start a convo with people when they are preggers? Bless you broken condoms. ANYWAY I got home and squizzed at her blog she was telling me about only to realise she is an international model and make-up artist requested by top celebs. Ahh me and my ignorance, sitting under my rock. She inspired me because I wouldn’t have guessed as she was not only ridiculously beautiful but ridiculously nice. Actually maybe I hate her… hehe. She is a smart, wonderful person who has a true interest and understanding of the beauty industry.





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3 thoughts on “Kelly Lee McCarren: The Latest…

  1. dear god bircher muesli is designed for bulimics. its so grotesque it makes it easy to throw up after consuming uhhhggghh

    • kellyleemccarren on said:

      haha your so funny CAITlinnnnnnnnn oh caitlin caitlin caitlin – have fun with fart breath tonight – hopefully see you on sat whoop ‘oh no no no no no’ *waggles finger xx

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