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Beauty and Skin Care Products: My Current Beauty Bag Faves

Rokk Ebony Nourishing Conditioner – For the past week I have been using Moroccanoil as my hair conditioner due to a combination of laziness and lack of funds. However in my drunken state on Saturday evening I was rummaging through my ‘barely-ever-touched’ hair drawer to find some hairpins when I found this little gem. *Cue the delighted scream that followed. It is WONDERFUL; lovely and conditioning, gives hair a hydrated boost and smells divine (all hairdressy).

RRP $16.34, available at Coles nationwide.

Dior Hypnotic Poison – I wore this out on Saturday night and although I was sweating more than mushrooms in a plastic bag I had many kind bachelors comment on ‘my scent’ – bless them. It’s a very intense, sexy smell that is both seductive and sweet. I’m a HUGE fan! Interesting Fact: The new luxe glass flacon, introduced in 2009, presents the scent in a red apple shape to symbolise the forbidden fruit.

RRP $89 / $115 / $15530mL / 50mL / 100mL, available at department and fragrance stores nationwide.

Natio Tanning Wipes – The best thing for no-fuss, quick tanning. Although it doesn’t produce as good a colour as my fave (St Tropez I’m always 100% faithful.) It does produces a streak-free, natural-looking tan quickly and effectively with a botanical formula that is delicately scented with pure essential oils and is infused with moisturising ingredients that keep the skin soft and smooth as the tan develops. Quick Tip: If your limbs are long and lanky like mine you might need a few wipes to develop an all-over colour.

RRP $9.95, available from Priceline.

KMS California Flatout Straightening Crème – This is one prod I just love teaming with my ghd. I’ve got thick hair that is VERY prone to ‘boofyness’ and this darling tames it right down. A concentrated serum that contains fig and jojoba, it also creates a beautiful moisturising barrier that protects your hair from the nasties floating around.

RRP $42.95, available from selected hair salons.


Dr LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Triple-Action Day Defence – I use this with whatever day cream I’m currently lusting over and its just beautiful. As you can see from the pic it has all these squidgy ‘balls’ in the formula, which are called millicapsules. The gold millicapsules contain nourishing caviar extract; lilac millicapsules contain regenerative black currant oil and antioxidant lipochroman-6 whilst the white millicapsules contain vitamin E to moisturise and repair the skin. Using this makes my drab (2-day hangover ATM) skin sing with hydration and happiness over the disappearance of (dehydration related) fine lines.

RRP $89.95, available at Myer, DJ’s and Priceline.

L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara – I could bang on about this amazing mascara in all its technical glory but CBF. I will just put it in plain terms…IF YOU DON’T HAVE THIS PROD – BUY IT – NOW. As it is quite possibly the most effective mascara I (and my thieving chipmunk AKA Ash) have ever come across. I sometimes get asked if I’m wearing false lashes when this mascara is adorning my batting lids, which is the equivalent of someone saying I look skinny. Oh shucks, really! Seriously, a must-have for every gal with a penchant for gluttonous lashes.

RRP $26.95, available…pretty much everywhere 🙂




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  1. Good work buddy, I was searching for similar tips since few hours and your contents are really what I was looking for.

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