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Kelly Lee McCarren: The Latest…

Listening…Moon River. Oh bless! Its featured in my fave ep of SATC when BIG moves to LA and its also the theme song to my favourite movie – Breakfast at Tiffanies of course!

Reading…This months Marie Claire – Which is a MASSIVE dud. A freelancer has stuffed up massively by stating that certain celebrities have 23cm waists…yes and I’m Santa Clause. The content was dull, the fashion pages looked like a catalogue and the beauty tips were generic and out-of-date. 😦

Watching…SATC repeats.

Wearing… SPANX. My healthy gym intentions have recently been shot to shit and I’ve got a little jelly belly 😦

Buying… A big full tank of fuel! Joy 🙂

Wanting… Mulla. But who doesn’t really.

Eating… Spanish Tapas at El Bulli AMAZING! You must try the PATATAS EL BULLI – the infusion of exotic flavours is delectable. Thai at Red Spoon !YUM!

Trying…The latest skincare by Dr LeWinns and haircare by Pantene. Life’s tough.

Loving… The new Dr LeWinns Synergise skincare range. More about it next week but lets just say its fresh, invigorating and smells just delightful!

Planning… To start making a proper income. Last saturday I borrowed a dress because *gasp I had NOTHING to wear wahhhhh. This gal needs some retail therapy STAT.

Writing… Is Print Media Becoming Irrelevant?

Inspired by…The government. What a fine job they are doing by giving full-time students an extra $4000+ per year for ipads and holidays. (Note the sarcasm)



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3 thoughts on “Kelly Lee McCarren: The Latest…

  1. It’s sad you’re wearing spanks….try some lunges squats and plank…remember exercise is our friend x

  2. kellyleemccarren on said:

    thanks Nat 🙂

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