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THOSE Girls: When ‘She’ Is Now Only A ‘We’


Samantha – A girl who always put ‘her girls’ first


We all know them; those girls that you ring to invite for a girls night and they bring HIM along…um what part of girls night provokes the idea that any boys are welcome?

Or she can’t do something on the weekend because she ‘needs’ to spend time with him…. even though they spent every night together DURING the week.

Then this girl will come out but ring and message him incessantly during the night. I like to instigate a PO policy at girl’s nights (phone off).

When did the notion that ‘boyfriends may come and go but friendships will last forever’ go out of fashion? Yes we can argue now that at our age, our boyfriends may be ‘the one’ (yuck I HATE that term) but still do you really want to wind up 5 years down the track with no one else but him?

I accept that everyone is different but PERSONALLY I think that female friendships need to be valued, respected and worked on. Despite popular opinion our friendships are NOT family, neglect will not be constantly forgiven thus we NEED to make time for each other WM (without men). Besides we need girl-only time for our sanity.

So next time ladies, before you choose him over her or worse INVITE him along, think about where you would be without your girlfriends…and realise that EVERY relationship needs time, dedication and effort.






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One thought on “THOSE Girls: When ‘She’ Is Now Only A ‘We’

  1. i want to get one

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