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I Am A BAD Blogger *Head Bowed In Shame

Are you angry with me? Desperately wanting to bop me over the head for my blogging hiatus with no warning?

I’m guessing so. To apologize I’m taking you all to Future Music Festival tomorrow – my treat…

Nooooooooooooot! I’m not even going 😦

But I WILL inform you over the hiatus reasons and desperately try to defend myself.

Ok so to narrow it down last THURSDAY I accepted an internship with a magazine. Why you may ask? Well simply writing for publications wasn’t teaching me enough and I wasn’t getting any better. Also I have the self-editing skills of a dyslexic sufferer. THUS I am getting my hands dirty for the next 6 months and interning it. And I am actually really looking forward to it and enjoying it thus far.

ON TOP of this I have accepted the position of an Assistant Manager at a jewellery store so I can be immersed within the fashion industry in some way whilst paying for my markets addiction and cocktails.

So this week I’ve been situated in Hornsby to be trained and have been subjected to 9-hour days on my feet, 4-hour commutes, and 6am wake-ups. (I know this is the usual for most of you peeps but I’m a freelance writer! On an average day we wake when we want, lightly workout, graze around, meet friends for drinks and fluff about with our keypads here and there.) MUCH more relaxed!

This is why I haven’t blogged. I’ve been snoring. Literally asleep before my poor boyfriend can even try a goodnight pat let alone anything involving a higher heart rate. I AM EXHAUSTED! But I have loved every moment of my week! I totally forgot how much fun retail is! Making big sales, merchandising, constantly meeting and chatting to new peeps. Seriously I am LOVING it and the people I am working with. However thank f I am working in the city from now on. My only saviour to the terrible shithead that is Pennant Hills road is Kyle and Jackie O (bless them).

So I’m going to sum up my learning’s and observations from the week…

  • Feet get immensely sore when standing on them for numerous hours daily. I had forgotten this as my brain seemingly blocked out the pain. Kind of like childbirth. “Oh I can’t really remember…. It was just such a joy to hold him/her” Liars. You totes remember you just want us to have babies to play with your babies.
  • Diamonds are prettttttyyyyyy. 🙂 I WANT! *Grabby hands
  • The film ‘The Killer Inside Me’ with Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and Simon Baker is SERIOUSLY f***ed up! And kinda boring. It ‘claims’ that ‘American Psycho’ fans will love this film but they are lying. Just like mothers about childbirth.
  • Chloe’ is an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G film. Starring Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore and Liem Neeson, its an intense story about seduction, lies and betrayal. Also there’s a lesbo scene that makes Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis’s one look tamer than a pussy cat….(no pun intended).
  • The latest issue of Vogue features transgender model Andrej Pejic; claiming he is fabulous and the current ‘IT’ female model all over the world…Um he is a boy. He has a penis. He is not a woman, he does not have a woman’s frame so why is he modelling women’s clothing? Its ridiculous to the point of absurdity. He is not fashion, he is a pale, lanky, ugly boy who needs to go dig a hole and get out of those heels. Sheesh.
  • There are some FREAKS in Sydney. And there are also some stupid ass girls. My sister’s friend was walking to her car at Chatswood last week when she saw someone covered in black sitting in the passenger seat.  (It was night) After asking what on earth (that’s the nice way of repeating what she said) the person was doing she was met with a reply that they were a very sick old lady and needed to be taken to the hospital. So this (idiot) girl did. After driving for a while she felt something to look down and see a MALE hand on her thigh. She panicked and proceeded to smash into the car in front of her. The person fled from the car. The police arrived and didn’t believe the girl (they thought she was making it up to get out of causing the accident) before the owner of the other car confirmed that someone covered in black had ran out of the car. So the police began questioning her before searching the car for clues. And there in the back seat was a thick rope and a shovel. I kid you not. SERIOUSLY WTF. Can I please move?
  • 1 week without any exercise WILL make my arms go jiggly. Not happy.
  • Balmain esque jackets can be bought for $10. I kid you not.
  • Natural Collection Shampoo is actually quite good. Usually natural hair products leave my hair greasy but this little gem does the trick!

Um I think that’s it for now. Have a great weekend all! Except you assholes who are going to Future. I hope it rains.


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