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Should I Exfoliate Everyday?

So yesterday I went for a facial at L’OCCITANE and smartly got knocked on my knuckles by my lovely facialist, as my skin was ‘VERY dehydrated’. Hmpf, in my defence I have been ill and am in air-conditioning most days.

But after the sneaky skin saver questioned my skin care routine for a mere 12 seconds, he quickly founded the reason behind said skins lack thereof of hydration.

I use an exfoliater everyday. A GENTLE one but nevertheless an exfoliater. And yes yes I am WELL aware that you aren’t SUPPOSED to do it but it just feels so damn good that I do. (Kind of like binge-drinking…oh I joke I joke.)

ANYWAY from now on I will be sticking to the once or twice per week rule of thumb with exfoliating and we will see if my skin gets better.  I’ll probably just have an excess of oil and dead skin but I guess the skin peeps know best 😦

So why are we NOT supposed to use exfoliators everyday? As many of you like me do; a) because it feels so damn good and b) because cheeky marketing makes us think its ok (here’s looking at you Mr ‘Daily’ Scrub…. cheeky bugger).

Here is why we shouldn’t:

  • Exfoliation is in a way like sandpaper so by using it every day we are in effect buffing and scrubbing away layers of our skin. These layers don’t need to be removed every day – they are healthy, lovely skin cells not nasty dead ones, so we are killing them pre-maturely.
  • This in turn breaks down the collagen in our skin making us age faster *noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  • Exfoliating removes the natural oils from your skin, which makes it over-produce oil in defiance. Anyone want more pimples? Yeah I thought NOT!
  • It can actually scratch and subsequently scar your skin EEK!

So if there are any everyday exfoliant lovers out there like me STEP AWAY FROM THE MICRO-GRANULES! Lets aim for 3 times per week MAX.

Give me updates on how your skin adapts to the gentler treatment!

How often do you use an exfoliation product?


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