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The Snoozer

The Snoozer is one of life’s most annoying groups of like-minded people, all intent on continuously annoying the living hell out of mere mortals like myself on a continual basis.

Yes dear readers I am talking about the idiots in this world (who should be booted of it) who deem it entirely appropriate to set their alarm clocks for 5:30am (totally un-godly hour really) then proceed to hit snooze at 9 minute intervals until it reaches 6:15am and they FINALLY decide to grace the morning with their presence.

Now for those of you who do not have a ‘Snoozer’ squatting in your bed you may not see the issue with their incessant snoozing. I shall tell you. It is because every time that annoying chirpy ringtone/noise goes off we are once again rudely and abruptly woken up as ‘The Snoozer’ (who is generally a heavy sleeper) hits snooze AGAIN before promptly falling back to sleep. By the time the offender ACTUALLY gets up we victims are that wound up in anger and have been woken up so many times that there is no way in HELL we are going to properly fall back to sleep now.

And there you have it. Whether it be an extra 1/2 an hour or 3, we have missed out on our beauty sleep and we are set to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day. It’s a case of really getting up ‘at the wrong time’ not ‘the wrong side of the bed’.


So to all you wretched Snoozers – DO NOT get the huffs when you receive a swift kick if you don’t get up within a 30second time frame of your alarm going off. And you will continue to get kicks or pinches until you do.

Clearly I live with a Snoozer, who else does?




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2 thoughts on “The Snoozer

  1. I’m a SNOOZER!! & no matter how many times my other half asks me to stop – I just can’t. I love my snoozin’ 🙂

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