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Why I Hate Fashion Blogs

Seriously? You think you look good? SERIOUSLY!

Now I am going to begin this highly opinionated piece by saying that there are a select few fashion blogs that I think are FABULOUS. But they are rarer than cheap fuel.

Now I love fashion and clothes and pretty fashion pictures just as much or even more than your average non-butch gal. I can name most designers just by looking at an article of clothing and totally understand the power of the LBD paired with killer accessories. But what I DON’T get is the ridiculous wave of the ‘new’ sources of fashion. The damn blogs. Girls and guys (another annoyance) deem it perfectly cool and acceptable to take vain and self-indulgent photos of themselves wearing second-hand combat boots (EW EW EWWWWWWWW), with a silk nightgown and their dads old denim jacket and then post it online.

ACTUAL fashion peeps are making it worse by calling them ‘the-next-big-things’ in fashion and designers are jumping on the bandwagon and using them as their muses. (They really can’t help it though, designers are as fickle as some of the fabrics they use and as strong-willed as a junkie being offered free heroin. They just do whatever other designers and magazines tell them to do.)

What drives me crazier is that most of the fashion bloggers are seriously ‘alternative‘ (and you all know how much I HATE alternatives….Dream on alternatives. You are nothing but smelly mainstream twats.and for some reason truly do believe that they look great and that fashion is the most important thing in the world.

And yes I do realise that I get equally excited about a new shade of fuchsia lipstick as a fashion blogger does about ‘vintage shorts that they can sew studs on’. BUT I am totally aware about how silly I sound sometimes and at least ramble on with a sense of humour (well I think I do :)). ALSO I don’t smear said fuchsia lipstick over my cheeks joker style and call it a ‘beauty trend’ (I seriously wouldn’t put it past a fashion blogger to do this “oh but its a reflection of beauty as art” – loser).

Crack a smile fashion bloggers and perhaps put on a clean un-ripped shirt.




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7 thoughts on “Why I Hate Fashion Blogs

  1. Totally agree! Ps Has that chick left the towel on around her head after a shower or is that “edgy”….am I uncool or is she?

  2. Some times its a pain in the ass to read what website owners wrote but this internet site is very user pleasant! .

  3. It’s the personal style blogs that I hate. The observant street style blogs are ok because there is an appreciation for people other than themself. But the fact that someone else has to follow you around and take pictures of you so you can get all the credit bothers me. They never tell who takes their pictures or where all of their money comes from. They are blatantly advertising their purchasing habits but feel offended when readers are curious where the money comes from. and ‘full time bloggers’ So bascically you’re unemployed. Then they are the ones that get free shit. You will never see a college girl in her shared dorm who works at the university starbucks making her roommate take pictures of her. No, it’s always some rich bitch who has her boyfriend or mother follow her around. They are the real heros. It’s disgusting and I can’t read them anymore. They have no care for their readers they just require an audience to shut up and love them. How have they not all been robbed at gun point? They tell the world where they live and how rich they are making themselves targets.

  4. FYWASOFY on said:

    PLEASE OH, PLEASE PLEASE BASH THIS FASHION BLOGGING “GUY” and I use that term loosely. His name is Bjorn (I know.) Bedayo, he’s from the Philippines and from my school. For me it’s people like him who make people in my school feel so strongly about their “Fashion Identity” for all the wrong reasons. He thinks he’s an artist but what he is really is a spoiled brat who can afford to buy clothes and cameras and all that shit necessary for “fashion blogging”. He is also as pretentious as fuck. His “Maxim” (his words not mine.) is “Carpe diem”. Latin, friggin’ latin. PLEASE OH PLEASE JUST BASH THIS GUY. He keeps himself up on a pedestal and thinks highly of himself. He says his fashion blogging is positive and that it helps the youth all over the Philippines find their true identities but he looks down on people with “no fashion sense”. He also said that fashion blogging instills a positive sense of “consumerism” among the youth. He also claims to have a positive effect on Filipino economy by fashion blogging, claiming it as a legitimate job. WTF. Please rain on this guy’s parade and bring this spoiled pretentious fucktard off his pedestal.


    please please please

    – Filipino youth worried about the state of the Filipino youth.

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