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Pretty Darn Proud

Now THIS Is Pretty in Pink

I have been best friends with the above girl for well over a decade. (She’s just slightly fabulous :)) And it was 15 minutes ago that I became immensely proud. Not when she made it to state for sports or won other bloody sport awards, but now in this moment because she is wearing pink lipstick.

Most of you are probably thinking ‘um and?’ so you need to understand that I once caught this same girl using CLEANSER as a MOISTURISER. (She is one of those really annoying girls who considers a tiny sweat pimple barely visible on her hairline to be a bad skin day grrrrrr) so she hasn’t ever needed or had the inclination to take an interest in products, beauty and skin care.

However as the years have gone by she has developed a slightly bigger interest in the beauty world mainly spurred by the fact that her bestie provides her with an abundance of lotions and potions.

AND LOOK HOW PRETTY SHE LOOKS! She is rocking this pink lippie like a bona fide beauty gal and I am feeling immensely pleased with myself. Especially since she confirmed it was my influence 🙂


Next thing on my agenda – Lobbing of her locks!


Hehe I’m so happy that I might even watch some sport with her…….MIGHT.



The influencing offenders….1) I Pink I Love You 2) Fun, Flirty & Fuchsia

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One thought on “Pretty Darn Proud

  1. Margaret Northam on said:

    love the article and the pink lips looks great
    and i agree with you kel lets get her really really drunk and cut off her hair, she would look soooo good with short hair, if only she would give it a go, I cant remeber when she last had short hair I think she was 5 lol

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