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Sweet Valley High: 10 Years Later…

Sometimes I seriously embarrass myself. Most of the time it comes in the form of saying the wrong thing, or asking stupid questions. But today, was in the form of forking out $22 for the above novel.

And then hiding it in my handbag so I didn’t have to carry the offending embarrassment in full view of everyone.

As  horrifyingly sad as it sounds, I grew up reading the ‘Sweet Valley Kids/High/University’ series like my prepubescent life depended on it. My sister and I (yep I am bring you into this mortifying indictment Em) would actually physically fight over who got to read the next one first….I am literally dying of embarrassment right now.

So today when I saw that the highly anticipated ‘Sweet Valley Confidential’ (anticipated by all the nerdy losers like myself) had been released I bought it with immense excitement.

So what did the ridiculously successful author FRANCINE PASCAL have to say about it all…

What inspired you to write this book so many years since the last book?  Is it because of the adaptation that Diablo Cody is working on?

I wrote this book for my fans who after all these years, are still curious to know what has become of the twins and their friends. I was also curious myself. These characters are so close to me, and I wanted to delve into their reality all these years later and discover for myself, who they turned out to be. Just like the people we went to high-school with, there is a curiosity as to where they are now, and what they’re doing. There are so many characters out there that disappear halfway through their lives, and I wanted to give my fans the opportunity to visit Sweet Valley one more time.

Can you give us any hints as to how Bruce Patman of all people ends up being Elizabeth’s best friend?


With well over 100 books in the Sweet Valley High series do you have a favorite book from the series?

Yes, my favorite books are the Tricia story and a close second is the Prom trilogy. However, I truly do love all of the books because each story has something unique.

What about a favorite character?

I would say that I am more of an Elizabeth with some bad Jessica tendencies. I definitely have the same morals and work ethic that Elizabeth does, and we are similar in a lot of other ways, so she is definitely my favorite.

Throughout the series you tackled a wide range of issues from Regina Morrow dying of a cocaine overdose to Steven’s girlfriend dying from leukemia.  What made you tackle these more serious issues in a young adult series?  Were they based on experiences in your own life?

Unfortunately, young people are not immune from tragedy, myself included.  They have to deal with all the joys as well as agonies of life. Heartache and love are so prevalent in teenagers’ lives but they also deal with bigger issues like illnesses and death. I wanted the series to have more reality without losing the fantasy.

What do you think of the latest vampire, fairy, etc. craze lately?  Do you foresee yourself re-visiting the idea of another paranormal/Sweet Valley storyline?

I really don’t have any interest in vampires or anything else that’s paranormal. I liked the idea that while Sweet Valley was a fictitious place, the characters were human dealt with the same issues that the readers did. When I am reading or watching movies or television, I like to be able to relate to the characters.

Do you plan on writing any other new books based on the Sweet Valley characters?

Not at the moment, but one never knows! I love this series and all the characters in it. It was such a great experience to revisit them all these years later. It might be fun to do it again someday but there are no plans as of yet.

Interview sourced here.

Are you going to read it? Please don’t leave me hanging in solitude embarrassment. 😦 I’ll give you an update when I read it!


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13 thoughts on “Sweet Valley High: 10 Years Later…

  1. I just received this is in the mail today! great to relive my teen years with sweet valley confidential.

    • kellyleemccarren on said:

      Let me know what you think! I’ve read the first few chapters so far and they weren’t great. I was hoping for something a little more ’27’ – not FP just entering the words ‘sex’ and ‘facebook’ lol

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  3. Wow! I didn’t know that Sweet Valley has a new book. I’ll definitely buy this one if it’s available here in our country.

  4. Haha, I remember reading those under the desk because my mum didn’t allow me to read those at home.

  5. I had forgotten all about S.V.H. Thank you for reminding me and sharing!

  6. crashing waves on said:

    What?! Bruce Patman became Elizabeth’s best friend?! What happened to Enid? LOL. Well this goes to show that I’m one of the many fans of SVH. =p Like you I grew up reading Sweet Valley High/University books. But I’m still torn if I want to buy this new book. If it’s any good I might buy it…

  7. Even I read these as a kid! Good times!

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