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Kelly Lee McCarren: An Update

Listening…To my boyfriends incessant whistling. I’m going to put it out there now that if Mr Morgan is murdered I should probably be put in gaol.

Reading…Sweet Valley High Confidential. Well to be precise I actually JUST finished it (yep I’ve had an exciting Friday night). My thoughts? Don’t bother. MASSIVE waste of $20, I hate dissing such a fab author but she should of left it 15 years ago where it belonged. Inserting the terms ‘Facebook’, Twitter, ‘F*** You’ and ‘Smart Phones’ into 70’s dialogue is not ‘keeping up with the trends’. Sweet Valley High: 10 Years Later…

Watching…Nightmare on Elm Street with my film loving flat-mate. I just hit myself in the face in a rushed attempt to cover my eyes. Not good.

Wearing…Leopard print, khaki and my brand spanking new red notebook bag courtesy of my spoiling boo.

Buying… CLOTHES. Glorious clothes! Tomorrow with 2 of my fab gals 🙂

Wanting… My immune system to repair itself. I’m still pretty sick and I keep catching EVERYTHING! Don’t want your bug or virus? Come pass it onto me because apparently my body will latch on and love it.

Eating… Popcorn and sour straps. MMMM! BTW I made the bF an awesome piece of steak with homemade mushroom sauce and pasta bake earlier. Oh and did I mention the freshly baked brownies for desert? Hello good girlfriend award.

Trying…Some awesome new prodz. Oh and I’m also TRYING to get the motivation for an awesomely long walk tomorrow arvo. AND I’m attempting to choose between these vintage looking earrings. I love.

Loving… The weather!!!!! Isn’t it just glorious, majestic and oh-so fabulous!!! ATM I am in a long-sleeved shirt with zebra PJ bottoms. AND SOCKS YIPEE! Loving the ‘cool’ life.

Planning… Next week. Working, writing, reading, meeting, peeping.

Writing… About eyes, lips, cosmetic surgery, butts etc etc

Inspired by… My grandma.


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2 thoughts on “Kelly Lee McCarren: An Update

  1. I like this and it would be fun if for one day every blog used this format so we all be up to speed what everyone else was listening to, reading, doing, etc. Well done!



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