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Bad Bill-Splitting Behaviour

One of my most annoying endearing personality traits is that I ask A LOT of questions. And I also happen to be a fab listener 🙂 these qualities make me the go-to-girl in many tale-regaling situations, goss fests or quality D&M’s. It also supplies me with writing material; all of my observations on the absurdities of life.

This is a recent one of them…

Someone quite dear to me was recently at a restaurant with a group of ‘friends’ having a fine old-time. HOWEVER come bill-paying time she somehow got stuck with a $100 portion, which was ever so slightly ridiculous for her measly $20 meal.

The problem occurred for the following reasons (and the fact that this person apparently hangs around with perpetual tight-asses).

1) A few people left early placing a $50 bill on the table to cover them all even though they had enjoyed copious amounts of appetizers, mains and an abundant amount of wine. Not cool. You ALWAYS


pay for your portion and at a restaurant slightly more…. which brings me to problem..

2) People were doing things like putting a $20 bill in and taking $2 out because they’re main was only $18…. (Conveniently forgetting the ‘shared’ bruchetta they happily shovelled down their greedy gullets).

I was just astounded when I heard this as I couldn’t believe the absurdity of people’s cheapness – isn’t this just the rudest, strangest thing you’ve ever heard?

I know everyone is different but SHEESH!

Once upon a time (roughly 3 years ago) when a close friend of mine and I started ‘hanging’ I remember her telling me once that she owed me $7 because she had drunk 2 Breezers from my ‘pres’ 4-pack….

I was mortified on her behalf. She quickly learnt that in any of my friendships it is TOTALLY unacceptable to be weird about money. And $7 is weird.

Money is one of those strange subjects that ruins friendships and not always because of the obscene amount. (Here’s looking at you Zuckerberg – you nerd.) Taking the above story as an example, it may only be a case of $80 but it is the whole principal of the issue.  It’s the fact that someone’s ‘friends’ could be a) that stingy that they don’t pay for what they eat and b) that (no other word but dog) that they would knowingly then sit there watching someone cover their selfish asses.

Total friend-dumping offence in my opinion.

On another note, 2 girlfriends and I actually didn’t pay for our meal at brunch the other morning because the service was so bad and they seemed to refuse to bring us the bill. Justified in that regard?

What bill-splitting rules do you believe in?

I’ve banged on about this one before actually – Crimes Committed Against And By The Public


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4 thoughts on “Bad Bill-Splitting Behaviour

  1. Margaret Northam on said:

    well said kel and yes there are lots of people like that and you will meet more as you get older tightarsses they are, Baz & i had an insident recently we were out with a MARRIED couple and they argued over who should pay the bill and so Baz paid it as it was embarrassing, he thought they would pay him later, but no neither of them did, so i said somerthing to the lady at work and she paid me eventually. Ill be damned if im going to pay for someones elsses meals because they are having a domestic and besides they have way more money than baz and me. Grrrrrrr

  2. If people you break bread with are tight and want to split bill by what they think they have eaten, then simple don’t go with them again. Tried and tested over many years and it works as you end up going out with like minded people and having a blast.

    Love you xxx

  3. Margaret Northam on said:

    well said Judy, I agree with you, but what do you then do about people who overinduldge and order the most expensive things on the menu and pig out because they know the bill will be split, that is annoying also.

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