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I Bet You Didn’t Know That…

It is actually BETTER for your skin to have mineral makeup on it than to have no makeup on at all.

Strange but true. I spoke to a top skincare specialist and ambassador about problem skin (she cannot be named considering she recommended products that WEREN’T by the skincare brand she works for EEK!) and she explained that the minerals found in good quality mineral makeup are that antioxidant and nutrient rich, that it is GOOD to use them on your skin! She went on to tell me that when she gets a blemish (her skin glowed like a supermodels so I highly doubted she ever did) she actually uses mineral makeup on the problem area to help fix it up.


I have always thought bare & natural was best. Cue the work days where I ‘give my skin a rest’ and go commando.(OBVIOUSLY makeup free not undies…..or do I hehe.)

So it turns out that customers, clients and colleagues needn’t have been subjected to my horror-show makeup free face…I could of gone mineral.

The problem lies within the inherent cheekiness that certain skincare companies and manufacturers employ. So many brands claim to have ‘mineral’, ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products, that consumers are flocking to the beauty counters, stocking up on what they belive to be a better product for their skin. But it isn’t.

(‘Mineral’ makeup from some brands generally only have a TINY percentage of minerals in them – the rest is your dirty old typical ingredients.)

So what is a brand that you CAN actually rely on to be 100% mineral based?

Youngblood Minerals Of Course! 

Liquid Mineral Foundation

One of our most popular favourites, this lightweight deep-sea hydrating complex is rich in ocean minerals and nutrients for superior hydration. Pampers your skin with Calendula extract, Allantoin extract, Cucumber extract, Green Tea extract and Cactus Grandiflorus extract for a luxurious, hydrated, healthy glow. Gives a true luminous complexion.

Pressed Mineral Foundation

The oil-controlling Pressed Mineral Foundation provides exceptional concealing properties, while remaining lightweight and healthy for your skin. This special formulation includes rice starch to offer a smooth, matte look with a healthy, natural glow. The elegant, sleek black compact fits easily in your purse for a quick touch-up any time.

Please Note The Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundations are one shade lighter than the Loose Mineral Foundations colours, due to the inclusion of Rice Setting Powder in the formula.

Mineral Rice Setting Powder

This ultra-silky, translucent powder absorbs oil to control shine and diminish the appearance of pores, but will never dry your skin. It blends beautifully with the Natural Mineral Foundation, and sets a flawless, long-lasting matte finish. The unique formulation uses rice starch, corn starch and minerals, and is 100% talc-free.


Recommended: The Starter Kit

For anyone keen to begin a new beauty regime that is better for your skin, I HIGHLY recommend the  NEW Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Mineral Starter Kit. Each starter kit contains two loose mineral foundations, a crushed mineral blush, a rice setting powder, a kabuki brush and a mini high-def perfecting powder in unique sample sizing to create a flawless face. Now you can try 5 Youngblood products for the cost of one foundation!

RRP $77.50. Available in Light, Medium & Dark. 

Click here for your nearest  stockists and more product information.


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3 thoughts on “I Bet You Didn’t Know That…

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  2. Jes on said:

    I’ve always wanted to try mineral makeup but haven’t worn foundation since my teen years (just tinted moisturizer & pressed powder). The brushing it on looks daunting – any advice?

    • kellyleemccarren on said:

      Practice with the brush first! Just lightly brush all over your face concentrating on ay problem areas! That way when you add the actual formula into the equation you’ll be an old pro 🙂


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