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Kelly Lee McCarren: Leather Jackets, Bad Nails and More…

Listening… Kings Of Leon. I think they must use a lot of their music in Gossip Girl cause SO many songs make me think about it….XOXO….hehe

Reading… Product descriptions, ingredients and stockists. Strangely enough it is the opposite of boring. I love.

Watching… Greys (again). Underbelly; Season 3 (love Love lOVE!)

Wearing… Zebra print flannel PJ’s. Hey don’t judge, I am at home sick in front of Greys and emailing faster than a kid on crack.

Buying… An AH-MAZ-ING soft, buttery leather jacket with panels in brown. I DIE 🙂 Oh and I also scored this fab slate coloured dress with a leather cinched belt. Ah clothes, glorious clothes.

Wanting… Time. Spare time to be exact. I haven’t even been able to schedule a damn manicure this week grrrrrr. Hello crusty old talons.

Eating… Skinny fries with sweet-chilli sauce, berries and crunchy asian salad. Yum.

Trying…To get better. One month on and I am still sick. WAHHHHH. 😦 And also trying to come up with the perfect gift for my friend who is 1 month of having a baby! I’m not exactly matera=nal or a baby person so this is all new… can I get my friend something for her, or does it have to be for the baby? I’m much better at gift-giving for a 27-year-old than a 27-minute year old. Suggestions?

Loving… My top-knot I mastered on Saturday night. I know these are shite pics but you get the idea…

Planning… My Fashion Week wardrobe 🙂 🙂 🙂

Writing… About the new Zara flagship store in Sydney City. Drone. Who really cares.

Inspired by… Anyone who has top-notch health. Help me? Tips? PLEASE!


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4 thoughts on “Kelly Lee McCarren: Leather Jackets, Bad Nails and More…

  1. Nice top knot!

  2. Nice designs with great look!

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