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Laser Eye Surgery: An ACTUAL Review

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Up until about 18 months ago, my life was literally a blur. Without the help of cute (and some not-so-cute) specs or as I got older contacts, I wasn’t able to function in public. Yes I was THAT vision impaired.

Medically I was considered actually blind – which sucked as you can imagine.

So from a young age my parents promised to fork out the ridiculous amount (your looking at roughly $6000 for laser surgery) for my 21st birthday.

They kept that promise.

People are fascinated by laser eye surgery (vision impaired people obviously – those with perfect sight are about as interested as I am about sports) and I constantly get asked a lot of questions about it.

How I wish I had asked questions and researched into the procedure before I had it done.

Why? Because like with any form of surgery you should always be prepared and understand exactly what’s going to happen.  I was an immature idiot who thought it was a simple case of having a few lights shone into my eyes. Stupid girl.

The Procedure…

To put it bluntly – My eyes were raped. The surgery was the most horrific and torturous thing I have ever undergone. And the invasiveness of it made a pap smear seem like getting a bunch of lilies.

The first thing they do is get you to fill out the forms and ‘try’ to relax. They then offer you 1 valium (what 1 is meant to do to someone with extremely high tolerance levels is beyond me.)

I then had to go into procedure room 1, where they lay you under numerous machines and use an instrument that pushes your eyes flat (this is on par with feeling like someone is pushing your eyeballs into your skull). When the cornea is flat you instantly become blind for approx 15mins – actually blind as in you can only see black.

Horrific is an understatement when you aren’t expecting this. I then had to sit in a room (sobbing) and wait till I got a percentage of my vision back.

Note: The asshole that did mine actually yelled at me because I couldn’t stop crying. WTF! I am a 21 year old  female, paying you $6000 for a surgery I (stupidly) new nothing about. I m contributing for your wife’s new Hermes bag you dick. SHOW SOME F-ING COMPASSION!

Next step is procedure room 2, SOME vision is returned but everything is exceptionally dark and blurry.  You then lie back under the brightest lights in the history of the world and WATCH as a scalpel and needles come to cut open and pull back the eye flap.

Very ‘hostel’ grade torture agreed?

They then use the lasers, which literally burn your retinas so that you can feel, hear and SMELL the burring.

All the while I was 100% alert, I would have gotton more effect from 1 Breezer than the Valium and that is saying something.

You then are even some cool ‘goggles’ to wear alone with a hat and are blindly escorted back to the waiting room and sent of home.

Cue a few days of panadine forte worthy pain, the sorest, itchiest, most uncomfortable eyes and a generally FML outlook.

For the first few months afterwards my eyes were EXTREMELY dry, on par with a town in drought.  I was inserting drops, gels and creams into them a few times a day to try to keep the itchiness (a dry symptom) at bay.

Now? My vision is perfect. I can see everything and its FAB! Last year I went snorkelling and didn’t have to worry about my contacts becoming dis-lodged underwater. I could see and play with all the fishes! Glasses never ruin outfits and I can do crazy eye makeup without red-eye/broken contact syndrome.

So yes it is awesome that I can see but I still don’t know if it was worth it….

I guess if you are prepared (by reading this:) ) you will know what to expect and there wont be any vile surprises.

Oh and I totes forgot to mention the contraption used to hold your eyes apart the entire time. Nightmare.


Have you had laser eye surgery? Would you get it?


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6 thoughts on “Laser Eye Surgery: An ACTUAL Review

  1. Margaret Northam on said:

    Yes Kel I had it in newcastle about 5 years ago and it helped my long distance sight, I was like you I couldnt see people at the end of the corridor at the hospital, so it improved that , but then my short vision was effected and I for the 1st time in my life I needed glasses to read and do computer work. and I hate wearing glasses. it was great at first , but it doesnt last for ever and my eyes have deteriorated where i ill have to have bi focals soon, the operation was ok but after it was awful and i thought I was going to be able to drive back to taree!!! my eyes just wept and wept for nights and were so sore I couldnt sleep and the dryness afterwards lasted for over a year, they did warn me about that, but I didnt really know what dry eyes were, horrible they actually hurt even though you put expensive drops in. would i recommend it??, yes I guess i would, its good that at least for a couple of years i dont have to have glasses to see long distance, but it was so expensive and is considered plastic surgery so you have to pay for it.

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  3. Wow… after reading this I can officially say that I am horrified of laser eye surgery. I am a 17 year old female and I also wanted to get laser eye surgery because I just hate wearing glasses (can’t do anything fun with them) and as for contacts (i am not willing to spend so much money a year just for contacts) so I thought getting laser surgery when i was in my 20s would help the cause.. but now I don’t know. I get horrified of anything going into my eyes and if my eyes are going to stay dry forever afterwards, I’d rather stick to contacts. And considering they only last a couple of years?! nuh-uh, not putting my eyes to that turtore anytime soon. I might think about it but not for the time being.
    Thank you so much for the review, I got an inside-scoop of what to-or what not to- expect from surgery 🙂

  4. THanks for a real review. Puts the surgery more into perspective.

  5. Margaret Northam on said:

    Hi Ana
    I was 52 when I had mine done, so a bit older than you, it may be better if your younger. The dry eye doesnt last forever about a year, and the drops do help but they cost. It would be a pain to have to wear glasses all the time at your age when you want to do fun things, lucky these days glasses are fashionable and really look great. When you have the surgery you are awake throughout and it is off putting to see the laser coming towards your eyes, but you dont feel a thing. Afterwards for a few nights its painful and your eyes weep but they give you strong pain killers and like any operation you do get over it, talk to younger people and see what they have experienced, but dont believe the testimonials as they only tell you the good things. The surgery does help the eyesight for more than 2 years, I had mine done 5years ago but my sight has deteriorated since then ,so your sight deteriorates as it normally would anyway, but without the surgery my long distance vision would probably be a lot worse. Good luck with your decision.
    You will still have to wear glasses for reading and computer work as I do now, before the surgery I had to wear glasses for long distance eg watching a football match or the movies, or a concert, now its the opposite, so you have to work out which one you want.

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