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Zara @ Sydney – Who The F Cares

I was actually astounded by the amount of people lined up outside the new Australian flagship store in Sydney during the week. (No I was NOT one of them).

People were actually being barricaded into a line-up on par with the start of a festival.

For clothes.


Now its a well established fact that I am a huge lover of all things fashion, style and shopping. And like any girl I am a BIG fan of high-street fashion at chain-store prices. Who isn’t.

But really ladies, are you that materialistic that the highlight of your week is a store opening. And a store that sells things we HAVE been privy to for many years.

Girls are getting so excited because the items that have only been accessible when they or a close friend go OS to before are now on our doorstep. But they clearly are as dumb as they appear. (Who would actually wait for 2 hours in a line is beyond me). Are these girls that dense that they don’t realise that the entire APPEAL of Zara was that they could source these amazing, cheap pieces that no-one else had….

There yet?

NOW EVERY FREAKING GIRL WILL BE WEARING ZARA. You will all be little zara-bots and look as generic and cheap as girls who solely shop at Supre.

Another thing that cracked me up was that Newspapers and blogs were saying that some  girls were lining up from like 3:30 am…………

For clothes. CHEAP clothes. Who actually has the time for that?

I would get it if it was a one-off sale on say Birkin Bags….(getting chills just thinking about it), it would be totes understandable if you waited in line for a bargain Birkin because its highly unlikely of reoccurring.

Zara will be getting new things in every day and they have an abundance of sizes for every item. It’s really not that exciting.

And no I am NOT saying I will never go there, like all chain-stores you can occasionally pick up a great piece. What I don’t get is the fuss.

It’s Supre with a chicer background.
Get over it.



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5 thoughts on “Zara @ Sydney – Who The F Cares

  1. i believe guys were lining up too 🙂

  2. WTF! Why is the opening of a shop that sells clothes a news item and/or a feature in a hosted local TV show (or two). FFS let’s get back to ‘Land Rights for Gay Whales’ if no one has anything better than this to report. Thanks. Sheesh! Next time I’m stuck for something to watch, I’ll catch an AbCircle Pro ad.

  3. Zara Lover on said:

    “It’s Supre with a chicer background.” Really???? Based on that comment its is clear a) you do infact shop at Supre to know what the fashion is like there and clearly never entered a zara shop.

    • kellyleemccarren on said:

      Um lol. No I don’t shop at Supre, I was using it as an example of chain-store fashion.

      Clearly you were one of the losers who waited in line at Zara for shit everyone else will be wearing as you are so offended by my comment.

      P.S What was b?



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