Love That Red

Everything You Need to Know

It Wasn’t You. It Was All Me.

Your feeling a touch neglected (ok completely ignored), you’re wondering what on earth you did wrong, over-analysing all the moments we’ve spent together, trying to decipher conversations as you look for ‘clues’…

And I am sorry.

You see it wasn’t anything YOU did. I swear.

I don’t enjoy ignoring you and making you feel neglected.

It’s just that with 389 emails to attend to daily, 16 hour work days and the attempt to occasionally feed myself and catch some Zzzzzz’s, just didn’t allow for any quality time.


But I am back Love That Red so PLEASE put down the tim-tams, throw out the gin, get of the phone from your girlfriends and wipe those tears away.

Get ready for an overload of Kelly love and attention…


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