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THE Pink Lipstick: I Found Him!

People just love a good, old-fashioned baby pink lip. And they search for it relentlessly (the lipstick…poeple are not actually wandering around looking for someone with weirdly pink lips to rip off them and steal….that would be weird.)

I know people love pink lipstick because This post of mine has received over 15, 000 views which is just slightly mortifying as it REALLY is not written fabulously nor does it fully distinguish my love of baby pink. 😦 Boo.

So a few weeks ago I was shopping with Mummy dearest (who happened to purchase a very fetching pink vintage top for me – fannnkkkkkyoouuu) when I came across THIS gem….

Cheekily perched in his display just waiting to be taken home and worn on my lips.

I think I may have died and swiftly flown up to heaven – this is THE baby pink. I couldn’t care less that people were looking at the ‘special’ girl who was jumping for joy over a lipstick with pity. I had found it, he was MINE all MINE and he shall live with me on my lips until they are dead and cold. (Not really as my 20-day applications are making him lose a TON of weight.)  😦

So the gem himself is Innoxa Summer Matte collection in ‘Pink Carnation’. And he is literally like a zinc he has so much pastel pink pigmentation. I love. I die. I pink.

Here he is, perched on my lips…(we are so happy together) –

Ignore the vacant expression....there isn't much in there I admit.

OH and I totes forgot to mention the jojoba oil in the formula! It is uber-moisturising which is strange for a matte lipstick, normally they are very drying the naughty little things.

Its been out for a while (yep I AM special and ever so slightly slow) and is limited edition so if you want one hurry up before my grubby little paws slut up the lot of them!

(RRP $14.95. Available at department stores and pharmacies.)


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