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Kelly Lee McCarren: NEW Published Articles

Some of you may visit my blog for my incessant rambling. However I am guessing that the only people that do are my cat and my Mum. Actually even my Mum doesn’t read them very often so just my cat then.
Nevertheless, most of my dear readers are actually looking for quality content. That as of late is as apparent as specks of cellulite on a certain Ms Kerr’s backside.
This is partly because I have been so busy writing for,which is a super fun and fabulous online magazine. (For those of you who live under a digitally sparse rock.) SO if you didn’t keep up with my video interviews/blogs during RAFW, then you must pay a visit to RESCU TV.

Or just catch up on my work by having a read….


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2 thoughts on “Kelly Lee McCarren: NEW Published Articles

  1. Judy on said:

    I read your blog every day….. Maybe I’m just a loser Relo…….. Maybe you could post your published articles each week so there is not so much to go back too.

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