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Want A Trip To Paris, Brazil Or The Maldives? Um HELLS YEAH!

Well we all have the chance to with this FABULOUS new Dr. LeWinns comp! Yeeewwwww!

All 3 trips are up for grabs PLUS un-lucky entrants may be lucky enough to win one of the extra 200 skincare packs up for grabs.

Which would be amazing in itself considering how much we all love the clever fellows skincare concoctions 🙂

To enter simply purchase ANY Dr. LeWinn product (what a better reason really) and attach a proof of purchase receipt with your entry form including an answer to the question “Why Old Can Wait”.

The comp is running until June 30th and is exclusive to Priceline and other selected pharmacies so scoot on over and pick yourself up a prod!

For more info check out the site

Other than that good luck! Oh and if you win you totes have to take me cause I told you all about this fab offer. Yep. That’s right. I assure you I provide plenty of entertainment and holiday activity ideas.

Ideas For Dr LeWinn Prod Purchases…

1. Product Review: 10 Things I’m LOVING Right Now 

2. Shiny Happy People

3. 2010 Prix de Marie Claire de la Beaute

4. Primped, Perfect and Ready to Party: Beauty Trends and Essentials

5. Skin Care Product Review: Dr LeWinn’s SYNERGISE

6. Mr Evil Foam – We Are Onto You

7. Beauty and Skin Care Products: My Current Beauty Bag Faves


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