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Cult Beauty Buys: Part One

We have all heard of them; those prodz that are raved about in magazines, online and on TV. Our friends recommend them to each other, we deem it of high friend-excellence when we introduce other friends to them and our families can often find the prod worked into their x-mas goodie bags regardless of the fact that they specified bulbs or new hankies. (Or is that just my Mum?)

These are word-of-mouth products, every PR’s dream; no advertising or product plugging is needed. People are going to buy them no matter what. After all they are cult beauty buys – products that are and will always be the ultimate beauty must-haves.

Avon SuperSHOCK Gel Eyeliner (RRP $18.99)

This is a firm beauty-bag fave for beauties all over Australia. Why? Well where do I begin really! It is without a doubt the EASIEST most EFFECTIVE eyeliner I have ever had the pleasure to use and I LOVE it! Unlike some eyeliners you don’t need to tug it across your eyelids as the gel allows it to glide uber-effortlessly. It also isn’t like painting a line unlike actual liquid eyeliners due to its pen like application. Can be used to create high-impact bold lines or smudged for electric sensuality. I die.


Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner in ‘Jet Black’ RRP $8.50 (no joke)

I once went to a launch where we were told that not 1 but 7 of these babies are sold worldwide every second. Oh-em-gee alright, that’s a whole lotta eyeliner! I’ve loved this eyeliners since trying the tester back in my Priceline days and marvelling at the smoothness and deep pigment that was produced. It amazed me to say the least. And at only $8.50 a pop I reallly have’nt grumbled too much about not getting cost price anymore because really, that’s the price of a sumo salad and the eyeliner lasts wayyyyyy longer thanks to my habit of inhaling food like a starving animal. (Classy.)

M.A.C Lipstick in ‘Ruby Woo’. RRP $35.  

The sworn red-lip colour from celebs to housewives alike. Once you go ‘Woo’ you won’t ever look at another pop red shade again. It’s to bold. It’s to dramatic. It’s to red.

Ella Bache Crème Intex No.2. RRP $49. 

The ultimate acne-fighting potion that kicks blemishes in their ugly stupid heads (literally). 

A fix-it cream for oily skin breakouts, sebaceous pimples, ingrown hairs, blackheads, acne prone and blemished skin. This antibacterial treatment cream helps clear up problem areas without drying out the skin. (Unlike other cheeky buggers that treat my chin like a dry old sponge.)  It combines antiseptic and astringent qualities with healing agents to help soothe and calm oily skin breakouts. And it works on EVERYONE I have ever gotten onto it.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil. RRP $35.95.

This is what I use on my chin when I’ve overloaded on pimples creams that AREN’T the above. Yep, it is kinda like a magical drop that gives you nourished and uber-glowy skin. This 100 per cent pure organic rosehip oil works to prevent skin ageing and assist skin renewal and repair and is a clinically proven treatment for scars and damaged skin. The super-fine oil absorbs instantly into thirsty skin restoring the skin’s moisture barrier, smoothing fine lines and feeding the skin powerful antioxidants, vitamins and EFA’s essential to the health and vitality of the skin. I use it instead of a nightly moisturser when my skin is feeling and looking like dry sh**. And I wake up looking at least slightly better! Ooooo! Another quick beauty tip is to mix a tiny amount in with your foundation. It gives a very dewy a-la Life With Bird 11 esque look that I lust over.

Read Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Skin for more perfect skin deets.

Moroccanoil® Treatment (RRP $56.95)

The best thing I have EVER used on my hair and most peeps I chat to agree with me. A small portion turns dry, lacklustre locks into Victorias secret hair before I can nail pronouncing the word ‘permanent’. (It is hard for some people.)  I bang on more about it here.



What are your cult beauty buys?



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