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DIY: A Top-Knot With A ‘Twist’

Whenever I wear this hairstyle –

Mr Twist

I get compliments (not to float my own boat or anything – my grandma told me I looked like a 3-year old with it). Its my ‘more-effort’ take on a turban.

‘More -Effort’ being 30 seconds rather than the usual hair-time of 10.2 seconds. Wake. Find hair elastic. Twist. Roll. Fasten. Done. 

So yeah, this look takes a touch longer but looks ever so slightly more polished than this –

10.2. Note the wispy 'crazy professor' bits hanging out around my head.


Step 1 – Brush hair into HIGH pony. And I mean HIGH. Like on top of your head high.

Step 2 – Section into two parts.

Step 3 – Twist one part in a bun fashion in one direction and the other in the opposite direction.

Step 4 – Secure with approx 4 bobbys. (2 for each roll.)

Step 5 – Spray hairspray onto the palms of your hands and smooth back your hair so no fly-aways or frizzys camp out in an obvious fashion.




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3 thoughts on “DIY: A Top-Knot With A ‘Twist’

  1. Regina Phalange on said:

    twist the wisp’s into a rats tail

  2. Sarah Hannah on said:

    stunning! no wonder you get compliments- 3 years old have nothing on you!

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