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Angelina Jolie Sans Makeup? REALLY?

This is the primary visual for the NEW Louis Vuitton campaign for ‘Core Values’. Shot in Cambodia, the reps are insisting Ange is without makeup and I don’t buy it for a minute. I mean reallly….REALLY! No one and I mean NO ONE ‘wakes up’ with a smokey eye, perfectly pink lips and contoured cheek bones. It just does not happen.


So if they really did not use makeup then they sure as hell did in the airbrushing soft edit studio.


So onto you.


Oh and another thing. (Just to take another swipe.)


The campaign is for ‘Core Values’, they shot it in Cambodia (one of the worlds poorest countries) which is where Ange has done charity work and also where she adopted her first child (Maddox) from. She also reportedly donated the majority of her $10M payout. And the campaign is encouraging others to do the same  (obviously on a MUCH smaller scale.)


My point?


The bag featured in said campaign. The bag LV are encouraging people to buy.


Is worth approx $15K.


The amount which would feed pretty much the entire country for a week.


Go figure. 




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One thought on “Angelina Jolie Sans Makeup? REALLY?

  1. The absurd situation has turned out

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