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Bridesmaids: The Funniest Film Of The Year

I have been to see this critically acclaimed comedy TWICE in the past 4 days. It is that FECKING H.A.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. Usually my short attention span means I can barely sit in the cinema once to watch a film let alone TWICE IN THE SAME WEEK!

For anyone who likes to laugh. You MUST go see this film. It literally poo’s all over The Hangover Part 2

Without a doubt actor Kristen Wilg makes the film, as one of the funniest female actors since Tina Fey’s witty one-liners in 30-rock. Gamely tackling everything from sly satire to broad slapstick (her plane and bridal shower meltdowns are *gasping for breath* that funny) , sweet romance to lurid innuendos (her impersonation of a penis is some kind of genius – it is so spot on!), Wiig’s performance is consistently remarkable. Her scenes with Maya Rudolph (Lillian the bride)  are the heart of the film; it’s hard to remember such a warmly convincing, consistently hilarious depiction of female friendship (the dance scene at the end COULD have been me and my besties). 


Go see it. Best $20 you’ll spend in long time bitches.




BTW – When I have a bridal shower one day, I am TOTES giving away puppy ‘party souvenirs’. 




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