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Sheesh What Did Boys Learn In School

So  a few weeks ago I was lying on my back, basking in the warm winter sun. Not unlike a cat really, I occasionally rolled about a bit and had a low rumbling purr building at the back of my throat.

But that’s neither here nor there.

The point is that I was enjoying the sun, thus a smile was etched across my face.

This is where and when ‘The Incident’ as I like to call it occurred. The Incident being my friend (or he was anyway) proclaiming that…………………




That’s on par with someone telling you they like your cellulite. PRETEND IT DOES NOT EXIST YOU SILLY OAFS. Sheesh what did boys learn at school.

Anyway what followed when I got home was a vain and self-indulgent stressful few hours where I tugged my skin and studied it from all angles in the vain hope that HE (the cheeky rascal) was imagining things.

Nope their definitely there.

So lets look at 3 prodz to combat the suckers yeah?

1. L’Occitane Almond & Apple Velvet Eye Gel ($52.95)

Warning: You WILL want to eat this product. Literally you will want to gulp it down like yummy cider because thats what it smells like. Perfect for gals in their early 20’s who are experiencing the first signs of ageing (sob), this gel also protects the skin against environmental aggressors which increase ageing signs and symptoms. The light texture is rapidly absorbed and leaves a sheer velvety film on the skin, allowing it to breathe when asleep. Dark circles, puffiness and lines around the eyes are reduced and skin looks smoother, firmer and more even-toned. LOVE.

2. Dr. LeWinns Line Smoothing Complex High Potency Treatment Mask ($79.95 for 6)

I have a slight obsession with these babies, they just make my skin feel so darn good! They are easy-to-use hydrogel masks that incorporate active ingredients designed to boost, plump, revitalise and hydrate tired skin. An indulgence for fatigued and dull-looking skin, this mask is great to use before a big night out to get a glowing and refreshed complexion. One treatment leaves skin calm, hydrated and invigorated.

Kelly Tip: On a long car trip (preferably a night-time one) wear one so your skin is getting optimal treatment whilst your getting somewhere! Now THATS multi-tasking! OOoo and its also super funny watching peeps double take at you cause you look like a scream festered serial killer. Especially me lurking in my weird and wonderful car. HA suckers.

3. Garnier Youthful Radiance Caffeine Eye Roll-On ($17.95)

Less than the price of two vodka red bulls, this has been a firm beauty bag fave for years. I just forget about the poor sod occasionally. Silly Kelly. Roll under and around your eye area for an instant pick me up. Think a caffine boost for your peepers! The unique metal ball has an immediate cooling effect while the soothing formula smooths and brightens tired and dull skin.

Use these for a few weeks (remember miracles DON’T happen overnight) and you like I (*big beaming grin) will notice an AH-MAZZZING difference in the general freshness of your peeps area. Gotta love that!

Who else is sporting early onset fine line syndrome?

😦 faces all round.


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