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Get Good Nosh At Govindas

Being a vegetarian (albeit a bad one) is sometimes extremely difficult. Especially when added to my extreme fussiness about ‘textures’ eg I CANNOT eat anything slimy or rubbery – Mr Mushroom I am glaring looking at you.

This becomes immensely annoying when I am out and hungry because as anyone who has ever seen my grumpiness when I’m not fed regularly or my ability to inhale a veggie burger; its clear that I’m a girl who loves and appreciates her food.


Well it appears I have found my haven; a place where vegetarian food is made to delicious and flavour-filled perfection.

I hereby welcome Govindas into my life. Much to its disgust probably as I wouldn’t put it past myself to be found destroying the buffet on a daily basis.


Go there. 


Even if you aren’t a vego, this place may change your mind about consuming cows.


But run. Otherwise you may get there only to find the buffet empty and see the waiters rolling me down the street.



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