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I Like My Money Right Where I Can See It – Hanging In My Closet

Most people enjoy the end/start of a financial year. Its’ that time to get organised and of course, hopefully have a tidy amount of fresh pocket money deposited neatly into your bank account.

Not me. I HATE tax man time. He is a cheeky bugger intent on making gals like me feel bad about themselves.

In the past financial year I have worked for 6 companies (one of them being my own) and I already feel like sinking my sorry self into some quicksand after receiving just ONE group certificate.

The problem lies with ‘me no likey’ seeing how much money I haven’t saved.

It was just 2 nights ago when Dad No. 2 Jarrod was looming above me like Mr. Fun Police demanding to know why I didn’t have enough money to pay a fine. (I did BTW I just needed to winge about the fact that I couldn’t spend the money on clothes and alcohol this weekend.) 😦

He then went on to ask quite forcefully how an (apparently) intelligent 23 (I’m 22 you dick!) year old can have no money or assets to her name, and still no direction in her life.


Way to make a girl feel fab huh.

I admit that in the past my budgeting skills aren’t exactly something to be proud of. AND I make it worse by winging a lot.

But still. Dadddddddddd why are you being so mean!

Case In Point: Two weeks ago my pest of a little sister proclaimed that ‘this time next week she was going to be in Paris’ *cue the annoying little sis impersonation voice we ALL do.

I glared at her. Stomped my feet and FML’ed for a while before she rightly pointed out that about 20 trips to Europe are sitting in my closet.



Riggghhhtttt. *Dr Evil voice.

Guess I should work on that.


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