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Education Snobs

First I would like to clear something up. I have copped it from all angles in regards to comments I made in THIS article. Some peeps got pretty offended by my reference to a private school.

DISCLAIMER: I in NO way shape or form think I am ‘better than anyone’ because I went to a private school. I was simply acknowledging how lucky I was to go to a school where bullying wasn’t apparent. I can cop a lot over my opinions as sometimes they are pretty controversial but this really pissed me off, as I myself cannot STAND education snobs! Some of my best friends and the smartest people I know went to public schools!

I myself turned down a scholarship at BOND to attend the University of Western Sydney! And I met some of the most fabulous people I’ve ever known there.


My brother is a prime example of an actual education snob and it drives me mad. He is one of ‘those’ guys who studies medicine at Sydney Uni and already considers himself at a dr. calibre. Oh and he calls EVERY other uni a ‘Tafe’….

Anyone want his address?


Here is what I Kelly Lee McCarren (for the record) ACTUALLY thinks of education, class and snobbery…


Take away a persons degree, their shiny hair, their fancy cars and fancy houses, their swanky holiday snaps, their designer clothes and their organic food.

 Stand everyone together and we are all the same. We all pay taxes, we all end up in the ground and we all have shit that stinks.





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