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I’d Like To Purchase A Hefty Dose Of Happiness Please…

My Dad used to sit me down at the dinner table and teach me many things. One lesson was that money did and would buy me happiness.


I beg to disagree.


Now I’m no rich bitch so I can’t speak this argument with a total understanding of what its like to be filthy rich but the old me was certainly striving towards a life filled with an air of expense. Sauvé cars, an expensive wardrobe and a $60,000 rock on my finger were all things I saw not just as a dream but exactly how my life was going to progress into. Silly girl.

What I was failing to realise is that although a shopping spree and a plethora of shopping bags may give me an initial burst of giddiness and excitement; a life spurred and defined by appearances, possessions and the $$ only leaves one feeling empty and oh-so materialistic. Oh and just a touch tragic. 🙂

Because although money makes things inherently easier and allows life to run that touch smoother (I like to think of it as ‘life’s lube’ HA), it doesn’t give you the stuff that matters – it doesn’t give you happiness.

Think about the times in life where you are most happy and I can guarantee that it’s not driven by possessions or purchases…

For me its things like cuddles and back tickles with my boo – or making mischief with my partner in crime – its family dinners and teasing my sis – or long moments spent in a bubbling tub.

These are the people in my life… not my ‘things’.

So although I could have carried along with my life in the same direction, I am sure that I would have ended up as a shallow eastern suburbs princess with an empty home and even emptier moments of laughter.

So I am not saying that we shouldn’t stop buying and loving what money buys, hell I’m going shopping with ma betch tomorrow. But in today’s materialistic world and consumer driven society, lets all take a moment to appreciate and NOTE the things that make us happy…


What makes YOU happy?




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One thought on “I’d Like To Purchase A Hefty Dose Of Happiness Please…

  1. family-my boyfriend-coffee-music-art-watching a good movie in pj’s drinking a nice white wine

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